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Cinderella's Wedding
by Paeony Lewis 1326/650 illustrated by Ross Collins
first published 1999
Folk and Fairy Tales for ages 5 to 9 published by Macdonald Young Books
Pat Posner's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
A fun-filled 'sequel' to Cinderella.
What happens?
There are only two weeks to go before the Prince and Cinderella are married. Cinderella's horrid sisters, Hiccup and Nosy, are busy plotting and planning ways to make the Prince fall in love with them (then they'll argue about which one of them will marry him). They send him love poems, bake him biscuits, try to put him off Cinderella by sending him a pair of her old smelly socks and they sing love songs outside the Palace windows. These plans all misfire amusingly but, although he cracks a tooth on a chocolate chip cookie, the royal dog benefits from the 'smelly socks' plan'. And Cinderella thinks her sisters are being kind and thoughtful! Then Nosy comes up with a brilliant plan which almost works!
Is it easy to read?
A great read-aloud story. Younger readers reading the book themselves will need help with some of the words - but will enjoy saying them. A mixture of black and white and coloured illustrations from Ross Collins add to the fun of the story.
Anything else?
Hiccup and Nosy are delightfully horrid. The way they argue about which one of them will marry the Prince is really believable.
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Who says so?
This review by Pat Posner.
The publisher reckons...
Cinderella loves the Prince and the Prince loves her. Planning a wedding should be easy, but not if Cinderella's ugly sisters Hiccup and Nosy have anything to do with it. Will the Prince ever end up marrying the woman of his dreams?
And what do you think?
jhon smith, waddington
to mrs mad Cinderella's wedding is very lovely from john smith
Sally Odgers, Latrobe
I've never read it, but it did give me a turn. My own book with the same title was published by Koala Books in 2001. Sally Odgers. ( http://www.sallyodgers.com )
stefan lee, hillel acdemy
whell its about cinderella and her two eveal steep sisterts . And sghe is trying to go tyo the ball
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