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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Steve Barlow (more about Steve Barlow) 1726/514 illustrated by Fiona Land
first published 2003
Fantasy and Magic for ages 8 to 14 published by Collins Voyager
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
A troll who loves the sunlight, and a lemming with a death wish!
What happens?
Bertram is not the other trolls, he looks different and is acting more and more differently as he gets older. He is bullied by other trolls and the girl he fancies has had enough of him. On a secret trip to the outside world he makes friends with Cliff a lemming who is trying to jump off the cliff but doesn't quite have the heart to do it. Together they set off on an adventure which takes them deep into the Dark Forest, but then strangely leads them back home to face even more adventures. Can Bertram find the truth about himself and can Cliff successfully kill himself?
Is it easy to read?
As always easily read by any with a good level of competence.
Anything else?
This is an absolutely stonking book. I couldn't stop laughing and when I did I just started again. These two guys just keep hitting the right note every time. These books are so easy to read and the stories so well thought out that you just can't put them down. Each different story in the series so far has been about a new set of characters and I hope that eventually they will all meet up in one extraordinary book. Thanks Guys I love Ya!!
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Third title in the comedy fantasy series from the creators of the Lost Diaries. The Dark Forest is a world. Cities, towns and villages exist like islands in a green sea, while in the Forest itself live hermits, wizards and all manner of weird and wonderful creatures -- some invented, some strangely familiar. BOOK 3: TROLLOGY A tale in Three Parts, following the misadventures of poor old Bertram -- a troll who's a complete failure as he can't tell chalk from granite, but who discovers a talent for cooking. (His rock cakes are amazing!)
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