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The Dark
by Marianne Curley 1745/745 first published 2003
Fantasy and Magic for ages 10 to 16 published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
The sequel to The Named, is here at last! The Goddess is on the war path and there are troubled times ahead for the Guardians!
What happens?
After the death of Marduke Lathenia, the Goddess of Chaos is determined to punish the Guardians in any way she can. The Order begin to gain the upper hand in the battles between the two sides and slowly Ethen and Isabel notice changes in their every day lives. Isabel is also experiencing flashes of second sight and Rochelle has returned to the school, much to the annoyance of Ethan. Matt is still very concerned that he has no special powers yet and thinks the prophecy is wrong and then suddenly everything gets a thousand times worse! Arkarian is captured by the Order and the Immortal Lorian forbids anyone from saving him. As Isabel realises the full extent of her feelings for the ageless guardian she travels into the dark to carry out a daring rescue plan that at best will see her expelled from the Order and at worst will bring about her own death and those who she loves most!
Is it easy to read?
Quite easy to read and suitable for all.
Anything else?
What a truly stunning follow up to her first novel. The story flows on as if they had been written together, with the characters really coming to life and developing into fascinating people. This is an inspired book that combines the world that we recognise around us with another that channels right back to the legends of Gods and Immortals. Marianne Curley weaves her writing with masterful threads that leave the reader spellbound and waiting eagerly for the next instalment.
Other books by Marianne Curley include Old Magic, The Named.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
A dark and compelling sequel to The Named, Marianne Curley's new novel crackles with suspense and intrigue. A year after Marduke's death, the Order's revenge is about to take shape. As they gain the upper hand in their battle against the Guardians, the Order's attempts to change history bear fruit and Ethan and Isabel notice subtle changes in their daily lives as an altered past impacts on the future. Before they can confront the Order, Ethan and Isabel, joined by Isabel's brother Matt, must risk everything to travel through a dark world and save Arkarian, without whom the future looks bleak. Told from the perspectives of Isabel and Arkarian, the edgy relationships and pacy narrative make for an unputdownable read.
And what do you think?
Corina, Madrid Loeches
It"s a very good book I live in Spain and this book is very good.
rowenna, prestatyn
The Dark is basically about Ethan and Isabel who can travel back in time so the The Order of chaos cannot change the future.Also there friend Arkarian is kidnapped and Ethan and Isabel go on a rescue search for Arkarian. The reason i liked the book s More...
Jessica, California
It is a really good book. I loved The Named but this book is suspenseful and it has some twists and it surprises you. All the characters have grown more mature and that makes the book so real. I could actually feel myself getting sucked into the story. I More...
mateus, LODON
The gods are going to punish the guards in any way they can I liked the book a lot and I know every one will. I loved the action a lot too.
Nicole, CSSS
This Book ROCKS!!! I love the ending the best!!!
I thought that "The Dark" was much better than its predecessor in the series "The Guards of Time". This book is told from both Arkarian and Isabels points of view. It"s a wonderful book filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and fun. I would definitel More...
Gloria, Barcelona
I think this book is amazing! And I like a lot how Marianne Curley writes. I love all type of stories about fantasy or magic, and I love this book of the triology it"s fantastic! I recommend it. From a catalan girl from Barcelona. In catalan "the dark" is More...
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