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The More The Merrier
by Anne Fine (more about Anne Fine) 1768/9 illustrated by Kate Aldous
first published 2003
Humour for ages 8 to 12 published by Doubleday
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Karen King's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
A funny story about a traditional family Christmas when relatives coming to stay.
What happens?
Ralph's mother is determined that everyone should have a happy Christmas. And with ten relatives coming to stay that's a tall order. Soon Uncle Tristram is hurling potatoes at the cat, Ralph is getting into all sorts of trouble for things he didn't (or at least, mean to) do, Grandpa is dismantling the oven, everyone's arguing and Mum is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Anything else?
I enjoyed this book. It's pacy, entertaining to read and anyone who's ever invited, or been to stay with, family for Christmas will recognise some of the characters and exploits. A well-observed, humorous study of family life at Christmas. Anne Fine is a well-known author with a string of books to her credit, such as Madame Doubtfire, Goggle Eyes and Bill's New Frock. She was the Children Laureate for 2001-3.
Other books by Anne Fine include Bad Dreams, Charm School, Chicken Gave It To Me, Crummy Mummy and Me, Design a Pram, Goggle Eyes, How to Write Really Badly, Step by Wicked Step, The Granny Project, The Tulip Touch.
Who says so?
This review by Karen King.
The publisher reckons...
Christmas comes but once a year. Luckily... Traditionally, families gather together for Christmas. In Ralph's case, this means ten or more relatives coming to stay, including nutty Great-Aunt Ida (the Home tell them to be careful not to let her out) and other weird adults and his ghastly cousins: Titania in her sick-making, frilly, fairy dresses, and twins Sylvester and Sylvia (it took till Easter last year before the family dog got over them). Jammed into one small house for three days of merriment and family fun, the TV on the blink and Mum on the verge of a breakdown, it soon becomes obvious that, in this house, more definitely does not mean merrier...
And what do you think?
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