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The Fetch of Mardy Watt
by Charles Butler (more about Charles Butler) 1795/847 first published 2004
Horror & Ghosts for ages 9 to 14 published by Collins Voyager
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £4.79, usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
Mardy is being haunted, by herself. Will anyone believe her?
What happens?
A spooky double is haunting Mardy, it has been in her house and knows her friends. How can she persuade anyone to believe her and what does the 'Fetch' want? Her brother is lying unconscious in hospital and is fading away, her mother is distraught. So Mardy must turn to her friend Hal, for help, but can he save her and what has Rachel Fludd got to do with this, is she a witch?
Is it easy to read?
Quite easy to read, suitable for all.
Anything else?
I really enjoyed this spooky story. The race against time keeps you on your toes, and the pieces of the puzzle only come together at the very end. It is well written and the plot is well paced and snappy. A good read for a winter's evening.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Something is haunting Mardy Watt. It's been in her room, it's fooling her friends and it's upsetting her home life. And the trouble is, nobody realises what is happening except Mardy herself. Exactly what it is and why it is picking on her, Mardy doesn't know - but she does know that she has to find out, before it takes over and replaces her completely.
And what do you think?
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