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Fearless Fiona and the Mothproof Hall mystery
by Karen Wallace 1/2
Crime & Mystery for ages 7 to 12 published by Young Lions
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
7/10 This is quite a good piece of work.
What's it about?
Short stories in large print with illustrations, about Fiona Metalpress.
What happens?
Fiona's father runs a newspaper and Fiona is his best journalist. She investigates crimes and strange disappearances and she always comes up with the answer and the criminals. This time she must discover who stole the jewels from Lady Mothproof at the strange Mothproof Hall. Strange and creepy characters are everywhere as are the strange and creepy plants!
Is it easy to read?
Good for young readers who are gaining confidence, these books are also useful for older children who have found reading rather difficult but are beginning to read more on their own. However some of the names are hard to pronounce. Good illustrations help the reader to decode difficult text they might encounter.
Anything else?
Funny and well-structured.
Other books by Karen Wallace include Sherlock Hound: The Case Of The Giant Gulping Bluebells, Something Slimy on Primrose Drive, Yikes, It's a Yeti!.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
When Fearless Fiona Metalpress gets a call on her mobile phone, she knows her dad's newspaper is in trouble and she needs a story - fast. Lord Mothproof's priceless rubies have been stolen, so Fearless goes to the rescue. Judy Brown also illustrated "Witches in Stitches" and "Trash Hits".
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