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by Jacqueline Wilson (more about Jacqueline Wilson) 1111/44
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0/10 Sorry, I haven't had time to read this yet.
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The publisher reckons...
Daisy is the new girl at school. Most of the class are friendly, except for stuck-up Chloe. Having Chloe for a friend is hard work, but having her as an enemy would be far worse. Chloe issues a sleepover challenge, but will Daisy take part? If she does she'll have to introduce them to her sister.
And what do you think?
molly, croydon
its about a girl who has a disabled sister and shes scared of inviting her friends round incase they make fun of her
Rachel Beveridge, Bothwell Primary School
Sleepovers Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharrot Out of ten: 8 + What the book is about: Daisy has just moved to a new school. A girl Emily asks her to come and play with her and her friends, which are Amy, Chloe and Bella. Daisy likes Emily
Rebecca Menzler & Sabina Jump, Ulverston Cumbria
It is a very funny book and also is quite sad when you find out that Lilly has an illness.
Sarah Smith, Coombe Girls School
i think that this book looks good, but i have not yet read it but am trying to find it to read
Zoe-Rachel, Grangetown Cardiff
This book was absolutely amazing. It is the best Jacqueline Wilson book i have ever read. It is about a group of girls whop have all made friends with a girl called Daisy. It's there birthdays coming up and they all planned to have a sleepover but there's
Louise, Finton House
The story sleepovers has five main chacracters called Amy, Bella, Chole, Daisy and Emliy. I would give it marks of 10 out of 10 beccause it tells you that bullys can be betan.
Mmaisie, Croften
i think sleepovers is one of the best books i have read. it is about this girl who has this disabled sister and she doesnt want to invite anyone round but all of her friends start having sleepovers so she does
Helen, Bothwell Primary
sleepovers is about 5 girls called daisy, chole, emily, amy,and bella.they all have sleepovers for there birthday but daisy has a problem because her sister lily has learning problemsand daisy is worried that they will make fun of lily.
Amy, Ashford
The story is about Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily. (Chloe is the bossiest). Daisy has a big sister called Lily who is eleven and has learning difficulties. She can"t walk or speak. My favourite character is Bella because she can always find room More...
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