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Flip And Flop
by Dawn Apperley 1321/647 illustrated by Dawn Apperley
first published 2001
Early Years for ages 1 to 6 published by Hodder Children's Books
Pat Posner's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
Flip Penguin often plays with his young brother, Flop. Sometimes, though, Flip just wants to play with a friend his own age.
What happens?
Flop is sad when big brother Flip wants to play Slip-slide with Hip, the polar bear, instead of playing 'Boomba!' with him. But he goes off and finds a new snowy play-slope and plays Boomba alone. It's no fun on his own, though, and Flop starts to cry. But at the top of the slope, someone is watching him. It's Hop, a little polar bear - Hip's younger brother. Flop and Hop quickly become friends and play Boomba together. They play until it's time to go back to the first play-slope. There they find Flip and Hip looking glum. Then Flip and Flop have a good idea.
Is it easy to read?
A lovely read-aloud book; a bit of repetition and words children will love saying. They'll have fun 'reading' it to themselves and, snow or no snow, will find a way to play 'Boomba!'
Anything else?
Flip and Flop Penguin are sure to become favourites. Lovely artwork - the illustrations tell the story, too. On some pages there are added extras to talk about.
Who says so?
This review by Pat Posner.
The publisher reckons...
A cosy story for every toddler who is the youngest in the family. There is trouble in the snow when one little penguin finds that always having to play with your baby brother can get a bit dull. However, with the help of two polar bears and a dash of co-operation, any situation can be resolved. Other Hodder Toddler titles include: What's That Noise? Hello Ducks Cartwheels in the Kitchen One Too Many Tigers Mouse and Elephant Squeak! Squeak!
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