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Aunt Bella's Cat
by Dee Shulman 1380/671 illustrated by Dee Shulman
first published 2001
Horror & Ghosts for ages 8 to 13 published by Barrington Stoke
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
What is it like to have a really famous aunty?
What happens?
Kate does not really like her famous Aunt Bella, but she'll be looking after her for the day. Memories of past disasters float through Kate's head, she doesn't know how she will get through the day, until she meets Aunt Bella's cat, Bashir!
Is it easy to read?
Barrington Stoke Publish books for older readers who have a younger reading age.
Anything else?
Being a cat lover myself I really enjoyed this, The illustrations are very witty and the story is full of humour. I think girls and animal lovers will particularly like this one.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Kate dreads being looked after by her eccentric, famous aunt. Something always happens and today is no exception when they end up taking Aunt Bella's beautiful but temperamental cat to a cat show. When the cat goes missing, Kate gets caught up in a kidnapping and the police enlist her help.
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