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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Margaret Stephen 1404/686 first published 2001
Non-Fiction for ages 8 to 12 published by Hodder Children's Books
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Pat Posner's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
Britain in World War II.
What happens?
A historical account of the evacuation of children during World War 11. The facts, backed up by photographs, paintings, and advertisements of the time, are put over in a clear and interesting way. The photographs will also lead to discussions as readers compare the clothes of then to the clothes of now, the different hair-styles, the streets and cars etc.
Is it easy to read?
The Glossary will help with any unfamiliar words.
Anything else?
This version is based on an original text: 'The Home Front - Evacuation' by Fiona Reynoldson.
Who says so?
This review by Pat Posner.
The publisher reckons...
Presents a historical account of the evacuation of children during World War II. A differentiated text version of "The Home Front", the book features eyewitness accounts, personal memoirs, contemporary photographs, paintings and artefacts. Bullet points assist the reader to access information.
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