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Old Magic
by Marianne Curley 1420/745 first published 2000
Fantasy and Magic for ages 11 to 16 published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
A tale of magical powers, unrecognised by the world around them, and a journey back through time to lift an evil curse!
What happens?
Kate has always known that she is different. She has powers which would frighten other teenagers. The moment she sees Jarrod Thornton she knows he has special powers too. His family have terrible luck and awful things have happened to them. Slowly Kate realises they are cursed; she knows that she can help them, but first Jarrod must accept his powers and believe in magic. Only then will they be able to go back in time to destroy the sorcerer who cast the first spell!
Is it easy to read?
This is quite easy to read and the text is a good size, however this is not a book for the immature.
Anything else?
This book is brilliant. I couldn't put it down! It is original and well written, there is a real assurance in the writing, Curley holds the reader in the palm of her hand and really entertains. I like the way it is written from both Kate and Jarrod's view points. A stonking first novel, I can't wait for the next one due out next June, called The Named.
Other books by Marianne Curley include The Dark, The Named.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
When Kate meets Jarrod she senses that like her, he has magical powers. She also knows that he is unaware of his gift and will be difficult to persuade. When Jarrod learns to use his gift, they both find themselves in a time hundreds of years old, pitched in the greatest battle of their lives.
And what do you think?
Ashton, Godwin High at Richmond
This book held me breathless with it's witty fantasy and romance. I just adored it, and couldn't put it down! Kate is a half-witch, probing around people's minds, and Jarrod is a poor guy who's family has many secrets and a curse. When Kate and Jarrod hav
callum, flint high, flintshire,wales
If u like HARRY POTTER then youll love this!! kate meets a boy (jarrod)who has powers,but he doesnt know.His family is cursed so he and kate have 2 go back in time 2 kill the person that started it!But it aint easy.... ages 12+. 5 star *****
Callum, flint high school
This book is ace, its better than HARRY POTTER! It starts with a girl(Kate), meeting a boy(jarrod)who has "powers"but he does not know. His family is cursed,so they have 2 go back in time 2 kill the person who started it,but it aint easy.... for ages 12+
Jupiter Star, Spain
Its a marvelouse book....I couldn't stop reading... Its about a girl called Kate, who has powers and meet a boy called Jarrod....who also has them but he dont know it.... Kate founds out that his famely is cursed and decides to help Jarrod to stop it but More...
Bella, Austria (Vorarlberg) Gymnasium
I don't speak very good english, and so I make a lot of misteaks...however. I read the book in german! And I love the story! It's really fascinated! I hope Marianne Curley will be write a lot of other books like this too!
rachel, glasgow
i though this book was one of the best books i have read for ages. it really got me interested in witches and witchcraft etc. it is good that it is written from kate and jarrods point of view.EXCELLENT
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