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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Patricia McCormick 1450/761 first published 2002
Real Life Drama for ages 12 to 16 published by Collins Flamingo
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, 
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
One girl's fight against self destruction!
What happens?
Callie is one of the patients at 'Sea Pines', a residential facility for girls with problems such as eating disorders , drugs dependence and behavioural issues. Callie doesn't talk, not to family, friends or therapists, what Callie does do is to cut herself and watch other people. She listens to the other girls talking about their problems, why they don't eat, why they eat too much. All of them believe they are doing nothing wrong and that they are in control of the problem they are supposed to have. Callie won't say whether she is in control or not, but gradually things begin to change, she begins to care about the other girls and when a new girl arrives who openly displays the scars where she has cut herself, Callie sees her own problems with clearer eyes.
Is it easy to read?
Any good reader of the teenage group should find this a challenge.
Anything else?
This book is incredible, I read through in one go, I hardly noticed the passing time I was so tightly held by the story. Patricia McCormick writes with such tenderness and authority that it is so real there is no gory detail and you quickly slip into the quiet walls of 'Sea Pines'. It's almost as if you are standing beside Callie, like some desperate guardian angel, willing her to pull through. The tragic young lives described in this book are painful to read about and I applaud McCormick for writing about such frightening issues with such care and insight. The whole aspect of being a teenager and internalising the problems around you is captured like a photograph in this book. The confusion and inability to deal with all the changes and problems you may have to face are here and thank heavens, for Callie at least, there seems to be a glimmer of hope at the end. A truly compelling book, read it!
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
May 2002
And what do you think?
Joe Morris, Ogden High School
While I am an avid believer in the first amendment, I think this book should be banned and burned. My daughter and a small clique at school read this book and became cutters, formed a suicide club, and my daughter was caught at school with a knife when sh More...
Annette, Strathfield
I just finished the book then and I thaught it was the best i've read for a long time, A great book!
kim , creston
i real like this book it is true about cutting i see now how i can stop cutting it is a great book and it is so great to find about about something teens see and kind of want to know more about it
Danielle, Dreyfoos School of The Arts
I loved this book, I was very much so into self mutilation for a few years, and I too had to be given medical attention. This book clearly explains what is going on inside Callie"s head, you feel like she is a friend of sorts. I recommend this book for ev More...
DaLee, Central High School
this book teaches senses into the reader. this book will not catch those people who love reading books, but to those who actually do it. i would say, this book is an inspirational book to tell students/youngsters to understand that there is a reason for More...
Jenni, Spring Hill, KS
I felt that this book was the best book I have ever read... better than even books I had called "faves" for over a year. I felt as though I were there with Callie. I think that the man who wrote a review saying the book should be banned has no idea about More...
Melissa, LPMS
I liked the book very good. It was interesting to read and I think other people would like it to, just because she learns from her mistakes and she learns that cutting yourself doesnt help you get better, so its a good book to teach other people those thi More...
Michele, BFA St. Albans
I loved this book because I know a lot of my friends have cut themselves in the past, and by reading this book it has interested me to find out more about self-mutilation, in fact i have been going online to look up sites to tell me more information on it More...
Kari, Keystone High
I thought this book was a very good book. I think it teaches you more of what "cutters" are going through. I think that it also teaches you about friendship. I think this book helped me a lot. I was tempted to cut myself every single day but then i read t More...
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