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Nightmare Stairs
by Robert Swindells (more about Robert Swindells) 1523/119
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0/10 Sorry, I haven't had time to read this yet.
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The publisher reckons...
Kirsty has suffered from a terrifying nightmare since childhood - she is falling downstairs. When she discovers that her grandma died falling downstairs, she starts to wonder. But tracking down a murderer is a dangerous game, and as she delves into the past, she uncovers a terrible secret.
And what do you think?
Rosie, Wellfield Church School Burnley
Rosie Townsend Night Mare Stairs Robert Swindells Ever since Katie was a baby she had terrible night mares about falling down stairs.When Katie was older she realised her grandma had died by falling down stairs.Did she fall or was she pushed? Katie went a
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