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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Terry Pratchett (more about Terry Pratchett) 1529/353
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The publisher reckons...
This illustrated edition from Terry Pratchett finds Mort ending up as Death's apprentice. The job comes with some perks, bed and board, plus free use of the company horse.
And what do you think?
Aaron, Howard Junior School
On hogwatch night Mort is asked if he would like to be an apprentice. The stranger he is asked by is dressed in a black robe and very tall.Read about Mortimers comical adventure in 'Mort.' Mort is funny and humerous. I think others will like it for the re
Gabrielle, Howard Junior
On Hogwatch night Mort is asked if he would like to be an apprentice.The stranger is a tall man in a long robe with a sythe and a blue twinkle in his eye.read about Mortimers comical adventres in the book"Mort."It is very comical and that is why I think o
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Mort cover
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