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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Robert Westall (more about Robert Westall) 169/62 first published 1992
Fantasy and Magic for ages 9 to 15 published by Mammoth
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
One family's life is turned upside down by their youngest son's behaviour at the start of the Gulf war.
What happens?
Tom's younger brother has often become seemingly obsessed with certain people or events in the news. Just before the start of the Gulf war he starts having nightmares and talks in a strange language. As the weeks pass, Tom realises that Figgis is in terrible danger, he is becoming someone else, a boy called Latif who is fighting in the Gulf.
Is it easy to read?
I would highly recommend this book to any child who is interested in the world around them. I think that boys who are finding it difficult to choose a book would find this a good idea. Girls would appreciate it too.
Anything else?
Won the Children's Book of the Year Award 1993 This is an amazing book, so well written that you can't help but admire the skill of the author. Set in the real world during one of the most recent wars. It combines the terrifying reality of a young boy fighting for his country with the fantastical idea of mind transfer. Westall writes about the horror of war in a way that children will be able to understand and begin to appreciate what it must really be like.
Other books by Robert Westall include A Time of Fire, Blitzcat, Break of Dark, Fathom Five, If Cats Could Fly, Stormsearch, The Machine Gunners, Yaxley's Cat.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Robert Westall provides a powerful, realistic and important new view of warfare in this novel.
And what do you think?
bec, plc
An extract taken from an interview with Robert Westall before his untimely death in 1993 "My parents were highly ambitious for me, but they made a Frankensteins monster who then disobeyed things at grammar school that parents didn't want to know and the
Sadae Hayashi, Kent College Pembury(school)
I read this book in my English lessons.My teacher was really pleased about this book so we read this book as well.I thought it is really nice book because if I read this book I can think about my family and I can think about war.I want to lots of children
Without attempting conventional realism, this book... gives a harsh and compelling picture of the human truth behind the chill screen briefings and manipulated images of war.... admirable political novel for younger readers.
mrudula, auckland
the story is very good because it tells the reality of the world and every thing that you see on tv is not real. i like this book because of the reality it could present.
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