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Queen Victoria And Her Amusements
by Alan McDonald 1770/838 illustrated by Clive Goddard
first published 2001
Non-Fiction for ages 8 to 12 published by Scholastic Children’s Books
Karen King's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
An amusing book full of fun and unusual facts about Queen Victoria.
What happens?
This book lifts the lid on Queen Victoria, with lots of interesting snippets about her life when she was small right through to her death, with humorous extracts from Queen Vic's secret diary as well as details of what life was really like in the Victorian times.
Is it easy to read?
Targeted at school children, it's written in a chatty, readable style and illustrated with amusing black and white pictures and comic strips.
Anything else?
A brilliant book for teaching children about history without boring them. There are three other books in the Scholastic Dead Famous series. They also do a range of Horrible Histories, Horrible Science and Horrible Geography. Great books that show kids learning can be fun.
Who says so?
This review by Karen King.
The publisher reckons...
You've probably heard of Queen Victoria... She's dead famous for marrying a chap called Albert, wearing black clothes - all the time, and for saying "We are not amused". But have you heard that Queen Vic went on her holidays in disguise, was best pals with her Scottish servant and loved playing cards...for money?
And what do you think?
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