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Dominic Wood's Magic Book
by Dominic Wood 1772/840 first published 2002
Non-Fiction for ages 8 to 15 published by Red Fox
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Karen King's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
A variety of magic tricks, star graded from easy to extremely difficult.
What happens?
Young magicians will love this book which gives full colour instructions on how to make a prop box and presentation as well as how to do all sorts of magic tricks.
Is it easy to read?
The instructions are easy to follow and each major stage is illustrated with pictures of children actually doing the trick.
Anything else?
This book is ideal for any young budding magician. Dominic Wood is a well-known magician and TV presenter. He's written two other magic books, Simply Magic and Spooky Magic.
Who says so?
This review by Karen King.
The publisher reckons...
Another brilliant magic book from the ever-popular CBBC presenter, Dominic Wood A fabulous, glossy, pre-teen look, star-rated, step-by-step instructions and countless photographs of dashing Dominic make this the ultimate magic book for young enthusiasts. With tricks such as Mind Reader, Secret Vision and Floating Fruit, top tips for a polished performance and a run down of the greatest magicians in history no budding magician will be able to resist! Dominic attracts the highest ratings of all the presenters on the CBBC links and his fanbase is growing in strength, setting up this book for magic sales this Christmas!
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