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Girls in Love
by Jacqueline Wilson (more about Jacqueline Wilson) 198/44 illustrated by Nick Sharratt
first published 1998
Real Life Drama for ages 10 to 14 published by Corgi Yearling
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, Usually dispatched within 2-3 days
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
First part in a trilogy for older readers, all about three year nine girls and the problems they face growing up.
What happens?
The start of year nine sees Ellie worrying about her weight and her lack of a boyfriend, her best friend Nadine has fallen for a seriously good looking boy and she is desperate to please him and Magda, her other best friend is just desperate to have any boyfriend so she is the same as Nadine. There are many good reasons for reading this book, but the best is definitely for the friendship of these three very different girls!
Is it easy to read?
Easily read by any independent reader, clearly the subject matter could give rise to some searching discussions between girls and those they talk to. Perhaps a good place for parents to let girls start thinking about their teenage years.
Anything else?
Another original story from a master storyteller. Girls in Love is aimed at slightly older readers, but still covers issues many growing girls are facing or might have to face one day. As always Jacqueline Wilson writes with realism and humour, she lays difficult situations before her readers and points out pitfalls and escape routes. The most important thing she does is leave the reader with hope and the idea that growing up can be great. I recommend these books to any growing girl.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and "gothic" and Ellie is just plain normal. But they have one thing in common. They want boyfriends. This is a humorous novel which focuses on three girls coping with their teenage years.
And what do you think?
Amiee Tattershall, Leicester
This book is a really good book for 9-14 year olds. I got the book just after it came out! I would really like to read ........Vicky Angel. I heard that it is a really good story!
Anella and Hannah, Turnham School
We throughly enjoyed this book.It's a bit adult but otherwise it's suitable for everyone. Enjoy reading!
charlotte browning, somerville house
I think this book is worth 5 stars. it's fun and a good read for girls my age. go Jacqueline!
Donna Horstead, Crosshall Junior School, St. Neots
I think this book is fab! It's about a girl who has a geeky boy-friend, while her friends have mean cute ones. It's all about growing-up really. Definitely for kids aged 10-16
Emily Teager, St Andrews School, Eastbourne
I really enjoyed this book. I found it funny in some places and sad in others. I think that it was very well written. I read it really quickly becase it was so difficult to put down. I would really like to read the sequels to this book and find out more a
Hannah Rodger, St.Aloysius Junior School
I think this book was great! It was one of the best books I have ever read. I really like Jacqueline Wilson, she is my FAVOURITE author and I think that she is a genius. My favourite book is Girls Out Late because it shows what you're parents think of you
Heidi, england
I think that girls in love influences young children and even teenagers what love is
Jessica.Michelmore, St.Andrew's School Eastbourne
I thought that Girls in Love was an amazing book. It was really easy to get into. But it was really hard to put it down.
The basic story is about a girl called Ellie and She isn't exactly miss Universe!
Michaela Johnson, Wellfield church school,Burnley
Michaela Johnson Girls in Love Jacqueline Wilson This is an enjoyable story for young girls. It is about three teen-ages who are best friends. Ellie , Nadine and Magada are all in year nine together. Ellie is sick of being short and chubby and she
Natalie Turland, Felixstowe
I liked this book because i could relate to it. It was about a girl called Ellie and she thought she was really ugly and that no-one liked her until she met a boy called Russel and then it all changed in the end her dad let her see him after a big arugeme
Shauney, Borestone Primary
l thought the book was BRILLANT everyone should read it
Tamsin Palmer, Amazon.co.uk
Girls in Love is the first title (followed by Girls Under Pressure) in a trilogy for older readers (young teens) by award-winning author Jacqueline Wilson. Already an immensely popular author of books for younger readers (Bad Girls, The Suitcase Kid, Doub
Breanne Derby, Tecumseh High
While Reading this I was strongly reminded of Angus, THongs, and Full Frontal Snogging (that's Frontal Knutchken) and On the Bright Side I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God (It's okay I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers) and Knocked out by my Nunga-Nungas. Gr More...
mari, cardiff
This book is great, and so are the other two and I just wish Jacqueline Wilson would write more about Ellie,Magda and Nadine.I think this book is good for 9 to 14 year olds.
Amelia Jones, grimoldby Primary School
Cool book. I am exactly like Nadine. she is cool! I give this book 10 out of 10
Lauren, Sale Grammar School
Because i like the way you described the words in the book an the girls characters were very good. Especially Nadia.
Laurie, Yorkshire
I recently read the book and i thought it was great!!!I also watch the tv series and i think it rocks!!! Every girl must read this book coz its fab!!!
Rio, Newark
A great story from start to end about three young year nine girls who are all in love! The television series encouraged me to read this book again!
hiya in girls in love ellies mum dies and her dad has a new gf and ellie does not know wat to mk of her her dad and her get nervous of the dad of the wedding elllie wants wants a bf but it ddnt work out with dan and then she found r More...
Charley, Angermering
i like this book because it tells us alot about the main charecter Ellie and how she thinks she will naver get a boy friend let alone kissed but maybe she will.i think the book is brilleant i have got it and read it 2 times and i am watching the tv series More...
kathy, malton secondry
i liked it coz it has a lot of influence on my age group!
Rachel , Grimes dyke
I love the book i also watch the episodes what does do it meen. I love Liam, Nadine is so my favourite I HATE natasha i think it is your best book you have wrote i like tracy beaker the dare game as well, love rachel
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