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Sister Madge's Book of Nuns
by Doug Macleod 200/132 illustrated by Craig Smith
first published 1986
Poetry for ages 7 to 12 published by Hodder Children's Books
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
The hilarious lives of Sister Madge and her fellow nuns.
What happens?
Ten hysterical poems about the nuns at the convent of 'Our Lady of Immense Proportions'. Each poem introduces a different nun and tells the story of sisters such as 'Sister Helga and the Antlers' or 'Sister Flo and the Veggies'.
Is it easy to read?
Quite easy to read, but some of the poetic rhymes can make it a little difficult to get your tongue around the lines. If any of the names are not familiar ask an adult if they recognise them, but make sure they give you the book back!
Anything else?
When I first read this to my class, they laughed so much I had to keep starting again. It's a great book to share with children, in school or at home. Don't worry that it is rude or irreligious, it really isn't. Children love this kind of irreverent humour and it's a wonderful introduction to humorous poetry.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
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