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The Story of Tracy Beaker
by Jacqueline Wilson (more about Jacqueline Wilson) 308/44 illustrated by Nick Sharratt
Humour for ages 7 to 11 published by Corgi Yearling
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
Meet Tracy Beaker, and follow her hilarious search for a new foster home
What happens?
Tracy is keeping a diary about herself and her life in the children's home. She is candid and witty, but desperate to find some new foster parents. She has already had several but they never seemed to want her to stay. When a young writer called Cam comes to visit the children's home, Tracy sees a possible future for herself, all she needs to do is convince everyone else, including Cam.
Is it easy to read?
Easily read by those with some confidence and ability.
Anything else?
Another very well written story from Jacqueline Wilson, she definitely has the minds of young people sorted out in her head. She creates characters with such ease you could believe they really exist. This is a tender yet funny story, dealing with the sadness and rejection felt by children waiting to find foster or adoptive parents. We see the worries and hope that they experience all the time. All of this is bound up in Wilson's usual snappy writing and well observed mannerisms of her characters.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Shortlisted for the 1991 Smarties Prize, this story aims to be both moving and entertaining. 10-years-old Tracy tells of her life in a children's home, and how much she would like a real home and a real family.
And what do you think?
Charlotte, Davison
I thought the book was very funny I enjoyed it a lot. I am reading a lot of Jacqueline Wilson's books.
Emily and Chloe, St John Fisher Denton
Tracy Beaker is a big Brat who has a enemy called Justine sometimes they stick together but most of the time they are ploting on ways to hide custard in each others shoes or something. Justine took away her best friend called lousie.
Jayne, Park Lane
Tracey Beaker is a girl who is in an orphanage. She tells other people there that her mum is a big Hollywood star and has a flashy car. Her dad sometimes comes and sees her. Then a lady who she likes fosters her.
Katelyn, Hamilton
It's about a girl named Tracy Beaker who lives in a foster home. Her mum is alive but put her there. This is what happens. Tracy keeps waiting and hoping her mum will come to get her and take her to Hollywood to be a film star.
Katelyn , St, Mary's Hamilton
It's about a girl named Tracy Beaker who lives in a foster home. Her mum is still alive but she took her to the foster home, which Tracy calls the Dumping Yard.
Kerry, St Marys Primary School
The story is about a girl called Tracy who lives in a foster home. She has an enemy called Justine and a friend called Peter. I really enjoyed the story because Tracy was very brave and very funny. It was very easy to read and I really enjoyed reading it.
Penny, Whitchurch
I haven't read the book but it looks great I also love the t.v series.I have 1 question to ask who does the illistrats the pictures?
Tamsin Palmer, Amazon.co.uk
Shortlisted for the Smarties Prize in 1991, Tracy Beaker's story, which is told in the first person by the infuriating and loveable 10-year-old Tracy, is a wonderfully funny and thought- provoking slice of life in a children's home. Tracy, as she herself
Roxanne, Earlham high school
I would just like to put forward that I think Jacky should get 10/10 for this book mainly cos this book relates to me and hundreds of others!
Nikki, Moorpark Primary
This is my favourite book. It is about a little girl who always gets bullied. Her mum left her when she was 3 years old. She tells everyone her mum is famous, but she"s not. I like this book because it is funny and sad. The characters are realistic. Trace More...
bella, Grove school
tracy i'd love to have a picture of you because you are a great actor and i am you ever biggest fan that you will ever have
Amelia, Grimoldby Primary school
Really great book, must read. Rating 10 out of 10. like this then get book two.
Liam Gray
It's a really good and funny book but it also rather sad in some parts.
Layla, Christ Church Oldham
I think this is a great book and I am Not even half way through yet. Tracy is fostered by mean people all the time and she just wants her mum back. I have seen Tracy Beaker on the telly and I think it is great. She is a real fibber just like me.
katy, rotherham
tracy beakers book was absolutely brilliant the best book ive read as i know everything about them i write scenes and storys its easy thanks jacqueline wilson
Tara, Essex school sanders drapers
Well the main charater is Tracy beaker she"s cheeky and can be rude but is a nice friend while she lives in a foster home her mum is still alive but Tracy doesn"t know if she is or not. if u have not read this before you will love how tricky she is and ch More...
i think that it was very enjoyable because it was very very very interesting
Manisha, Princess Frederica
The Story of Tracy Beaker is a interesting book. It is about a girl called Tracy Beaker who lives in a care home which she calls the dumping ground her mum put her in a care home because she is a hollywood star and doesn"t have time to look after tracy. T More...
Gloria, ss peter & paul
i think this book is fantastic, tracy is really cool and when i finished the first book, i wanted more. i even watch the story of tracy beaker on bbc 1 at 4:20pm on thursdays, i give it 10 out of 10!
emily, gloucester
the book is great it tells us that the girl is distressed
mariam, king fahad academy (school)
I loved this book so much because it was so interesting to read and it was a very fun book to read for every one
Emily, Cardiff
Tracy beaker is sooo like me if I don"t get my own way I go off in a mood , I treat everyone like espessially my friends and I would like to say sorry to them so SORRY jivan ,katie danny && harriet
Ruby, Leytonstone School
I really enjoy reading tracy beaker books they are enjoyable and jaqueline wilson uses good words for her story. The books are beautifully written and are the best books to read. So listen to me and read tracy beaker books they are the BEST!!!!!!
Stacey, Secondry
The Story of Tracy Beaker is an excellent book, it is one of my fav"s by Jacqueline Wilson, I love the way that you can relate excactly to what Tracy is feeling. I give this book 10/10. I have now read 34 books of Jacqueline"s books.
i love this book since i read your review i have been readin this book i have only just finished it.
Bethanie & Georgina, Neasden Primary school
A girl called Tracy wishes that she was with her mum. Then one day a childrens writer, Cam comes to the dumping ground (Stowny House). Tracy can"t take her eyes of Cam and she dreamt that she got adopted by Cam and her life changed forever and thinks tha More...
Lisa, Neasden Primary
Tracy"s life story. She"s in a childrens home and believes that her mum is an actress and will come to get her some day. Then a writer called Cam comes and Tracy wants her to adopt her, but Cam"s not sure. Cam takes her out nearly every Saturday. I liked More...
katie, Davison
i think all the books are very enjoyable and I"m reading quite a lot of Jacqueline Wilson books at the moment
chelsea, westhoughton
it tells you how her life was living in the dumping ground and how much she hates justine littlewood
Harley, Castle Douglas
I like Tracy she is so like me. am mad
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