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The Mousehole Cat
by Antonia Barber 315/205 illustrated by Nicola Bayley
first published 1990
Early Years for ages 3 to 8 published by Walker Books Ltd
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
When the Great Storm Cat makes it impossible for the fishing boats to leave the harbour, Mowzer and Old Tom set off to save the village.
What happens?
Mowzer has a very happy life, Old Tom loves her and takes care of her. She has children all over the village and eats fresh fish every day. One winter the sea is very rough and non of the fishing boats are able to get out of the harbour to catch anything. Finally Old Tom decides that he must go out into the storm and try to save the village from starvation. Mowzer decides to go with him and see if she can help quieten the Great Storm Cat.
Is it easy to read?
A confident young reader should be able to cope with this text on their own, but this is also a perfect book for an adult to share with a child. I have used this in school to look at illustrations in children's books and also as a way into fables and legends. There is a video of this book too, which is also lovely.
Anything else?
This is an enchanting story of love and friendship between man and animal. It is almost poetical when Mowzer starts singing to the Storm Cat to try and calm it. The illustrations by Nicola Bayley are truly beautiful, a treasure in themselves. This is a heart warming story which any child, tucked up in bed would enjoy hearing. Especially if they happen to be on holiday not far from the sea!
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
"The Mousehole Cat" was the winner of the British Book Award for the Illustrated Children's Book of the Year and the British Design Production Award (Children's Books). It was also shortlisted for the Smarties Prize, the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Children's Book Award.
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