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mrs mad's book-a-rama!
by Jacqueline Wilson (more about Jacqueline Wilson) 320/44 first published 1995
Humour for ages 7 to 11 published by Corgi Yearling
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
A boy who hate sports and adventure who is sent away on an adventure week on his own.
What happens?
Tim is nine years old, good in school, but bad at sports. When his dad arranges for him to away on an adventure holiday he is terrified. The other children all seem so capable and some of them are very unfriendly. Will Tim survive the abseiling and canoeing? Will his team win and be champions? Or will he phone his parents and go home early?
Is it easy to read?
Readers from 7 to 11 should be able to cope with this.
Anything else?
A funny story from Wilson, the main character is a boy, so more boys will like this, as well as all the girls who like her books. I love the way Wilson writes about things many young children experience. Hopefully for some children she offers some ideas about how to deal with the things going on in their lives. She definitely brings problems out into the open.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
From climbing and abseiling to canoeing and a crazy bucket race, the adventure holiday promises to be full of action. Tim has just one problem - he's hopeless at sports of any kind. Can he survive the horrors of an activity-packed week? By the award-winning author of "The Suitcase Kid".
And what do you think?
Alex + Robert, Filsham Valley,Hastings
I read Jacqueline Wilson's Cliffhanger because I have never read a Jacqueline Wilson book before. I wanted to see her style of writing. The book was fiction and the plot was a kid was bad at sport but he used his brain to win the game. The main characters
Alexander, St Andrews School, Eastbourne
I thought that it was a brill book. I think it is very enjoyable and a good choice for people aged 7-9. I thouhgt it was excellent at the age of 9. It's great on how a boy goes to summer camp.
Rhiannon Emma Draper, Newark
Cliffhanger is a very exiting and BRILLIANT kids book. It's about a boy who doesn't like adventure holidays, he's more into relaxing holidays. He goes and has a good time, at the beginning he doesn't like it, but he gets used to it in the end.
Rhiannon, Mount C of E Primary
Very good excellent for young readers from 8 to 13
Rhiannon+Kirsten, Magnus in Newark
We both think that cliff hanger is a GREAT book and it's very ANVENTUROUS it's great for kids 7and over we have both read LOADS of times and still are because it's such a GREAT book we can't STOP reading it, it's that GOOD you've got to read it if havn't
Susan Harrison, Amazon.co.uk
Jacqueline Wilson strikes again in her own inimitable style with this funny, touching and at times thought provoking tale of a little boy facing up to his very worst fears and coming out on top. When his dad decides to send him on an adventure holiday
Victoria Wharton, St Andrew's School, Eastbourne
They go on a camp and they go climbing and the boy does not want to go to the camp. But when they get there, there is this girl who really did want to go to the camp. Then they go climbing. The girl and some other people wanted to go first but the instruc
jema hocks, sydney
cliffhanger is cool. it's about a boy who cant do sport for peanuts, and finds out there are other things that are unbeatable! awsum reed
alex stephen, Tynsel Parkes First school, Uttoxeter.
I think this is a very good book. This is a book about a boy who gos ton an adventure trip and makes a friend called Biscuits. He hates the trip and hes realy glad when he gos home.
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