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Double Act
by Jacqueline Wilson (more about Jacqueline Wilson) 33/44
Real Life Drama for ages 8 to 11 published by Corgi Yearling
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
7/10 This is quite a good piece of work.
What happens?
Twin sisters learn to cope with their father's new partner and their own individuality.
Is it easy to read?
Probably more of a book for girls, but I know boys who have enjoyed it. Well written and easy to read, but thought-provoking so the reader needs some maturity to really understand the background of the story.
Anything else?
A good addition to any class library. Overall winner of the Smarties Book Prize 1995. Voted fifth 'The Book That Made Me Laugh The Loudest ' in the Blue Peter Book Awards 2000. Voted fifth 'The Best Book To Share ' in the Blue Peter Book Awards 2000.
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Ruby and Garnet are twins. Since their mother died they have lived with Dad and Gran, but now 'nasty' Rose is moving in, and they must deal with their new home and new 'mother', who turns out not to be so nasty after all.
And what do you think?
April Stewart, Bothwell
My Book Review is on... “Double Act” The author of this book is “Jacqueline Wilson and the illustrator is “Nick Sharratt.” I would give this book 8 and a + out of 10. I thought this book was funny and interesting and every ti
Carla Benstead, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear
In the previous Girls series we met Magda - a right flirt, Nadine - a very gothic girl who loves indie music and Ellie - who thinks she's fat. Well, in this one Ellie gets a boyfriend called Russell. Ellie in this book has to choose between her mates and
Cassi Gedling, Wellfield Church School
double act BY JACQUELINE WILSON cassi gedling Double Act is about twins Ruby and Garnet. Ruby and Garnet's mum died when they were 7. There dad started to go out with a lady called Rose who they hate . There dad decides to move house and Ruby and Gar
Erin, Haddington
One of my favourite books is Vicky Angel. Jade is so used to being with and agreeing with her larger than life best friend, that when a tragic road accident occurs, she can hardly believe that Vicky's o longer there. But Vicky's a sparky girl and is not g
Georgia Rhiann, Northfold CP School, Cleveleys, Blackpool
I think the book is ace! All the Jaqueline Wilson books I've read are great!
Hannah Whitehead, Shipley
It's about twins: Ruby and Garnet who are very different. Then, their father marries a new man. It taught me that twins aren't always the same. Its very funny.
Isabella Highett, St . Andrews School Eastbourne
Jaqueline Wilson has written the book so it is very easy to follow. It was a very exciting and i could not stop reading it. It was one of the best books i have read. I would recommend it to most of my friends or anyone else who likes Jaqueline Wilson's bo
Kristi Wilson, Bonaly Primary School
This book is about identical twins Ruby and Garnet Baker. Their lives are turned upside down when their mum dies and then again when Dad's new girl friend arrives. Jacqueline Wilson manages to make the story funny, but has you thinking at the same time. G
leanne atkinson, north lakes school
Jacqueline Wilson's books are something to watch out for, I never knew a book could be so exiting. The plot is quite easy to follow as the twins mum has died quite a while ago therefore their Dad has met someone else. She and their Dad went away for a few
Lucy, Edgware
It is one of my favourite books. It's about real life twins and easy to get into. Any of the things could happen in real life.
Luna, Park Lane
Ruby and Garnet are two twins who are basically identical. Hardly anyone can tell apart the terrible twosome. What they really hate is there mum Rose. Mean while there dad is properly buying more books to add to his collection. They are all stacked up in
nancy, london
Double act is amazingly wonderful book. I find it goes into such depth about their lives and the reality of it really touching as I am in the same situation as the twins. The brilliant thing is that the book is so indervidial, most author wouldn't even be
rachel halligan, oakwood junior school derby
its brilliant.
Rebecca Duggleby, St Andrews School, Eastbourne
This book is fantastic you shoudl read it! This is a book I recommend to nine to fifteens. Jacqueline Wilson takes a real -life story or what could happen in someones life. It is about two twins that want to go to this school and they have to take a tes
Shauna, Belfast
This book was very interesting and very enjoyable to read by reading through this book you have no idea what will happen at the end the end is a total mysterie. It is about two identical twins there mother has died so they live with their dad. One of the
Superbird, Rainham
I can't read so I can't say much about it.......well....the cover is good! SQWARK!
Susan Harrison, Amazon.co.uk
Identical twins Ruby and Garnet are inseparable. They do everything together, and go every where together. They love being twins, and since the death of their mother they have been closer than ever, safe in their little world. But when Dad finds a new gir
TessaMaxwell , St Andrew's School, Eastbourne
Double Act is the coolest book I've ever read!
It's sad and funny at the same time and perfect
for all ages. I dont have a favourite part in
it because it's all fab and funny! Jacqueline
manages to capture how it would really feel to
Vibha, Ton-yr-ywen Heath Cardiff Wales
I Love reading Jaqueline Wilson books and I have read five. Out of the five I have read Double Act which is my absolute favorite. IT IS THE BEST EVER! It is funny, and has a brilliant story line.And that goes for all of her books! You realy sould read it.
Zoe Jayne, Bill Quay Primary School
Double Act is about two completly different twins Ruby & Garnet. Ruby is like a boy but shes a girl. Garnet is a bookworm and shes a bit of a cry - baby. Their dad has a new girlfriend and they dont like her. There was no bad points about it. I would
Holly Bagnall, Stockport
It is a story about 2 girls point of veiw and how they cope with death, seperation, Bullies, dads girlfriends and new schools. It is so good that it made my sister cry at the end! Read it, Definately.
stephanie todd, baulkham hills high
Double ct is about to drasticly diffrent identical twins named ruby and garnet. Teir life is turned upside down when their father marries rose, and they move house.
jade, rogerstone
Double Act by JACQUELINE WILSON. The story is about two twins Ruby and Garnet there mum died when they were 7 and there dad has a girlfriend, they move house. it is as really brill book and i think it is 10/10 and you should read it.it is my fave book
Amelia Jones, Grimoldby Primary school
Really good book. Great for all ages. About two twins who go through the good and the bad.
emma, kngs, bham
well im nt reeli gonna say much bout the book... jus tht wen it was on Channel 4, my frends wer ruby n garnet :D they reeli njoyed it n i reeli njoyd wotchin it aftr :D njoy reedin it :P bye bye ps - this is a fab book!!! n the author is excelent!!
lucy, Kings nymton
It was a BRILLIANT!I would love to read it again. I love Jaquelines books especially double - act Because it has twins in it.
Victoria, Bothwell Primary
Double act is a very good book it is filled with laugheter and enjoyment. The two main characters are twins called Ruby and Garnet. This book is all about Ruby and Garnet trying to cope with their dads new girlfriend Rose. The twins try to make up plans t More...
Panda, Auckland
No one can be a mother to us. NO ONE. NO ONE AT ALL. ESPCIALLY NOT STUPID FRIZZY DIZZY ROSE. Ruby and Garnet are ten year old twins. Identical. They do everything together, espcially since their mother died three years earlier. But can they bring the More...
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