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The Devil and His Boy
by Anthony Horowitz (more about Anthony Horowitz) 340/6 first published 1998
Historical Fiction for ages 9 to 12 published by Walker Books Ltd
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
10/10 Excellent work. Well done!
What's it about?
An orphan's fortunes change when he sets out to London with a stranger, before long everything has gone wrong and Tom is just trying to stay alive!
What happens?
Tom Falconer has nothing but the clothes he stands up in . Then a stranger offers to take him to London, What boy would refuse? Sadly things don't go too well for the travellers and Tom ends up fleeing for his life. Finally ending up in the backstreets of London, he is saved from an awful fate by Moll Cutpurse, a thief, who puts Tom on the right track, but not for long. Soon he's in trouble again, big trouble, but this time the fate of the whole country may rest in his hands.
Is it easy to read?
A good reader should cope well with this, they might need to check up on some of the old-fashioned words or meanings. Anyone doing the Tudors should read this and any teacher would fins this a really useful resource to read with the class. Horowitz makes no mistakes about the period and gives some lovely descriptive passages to use with a class.
Anything else?
A wonderful Tudor romp, Horowitz writes about many real characters from the Tudor period, putting his own slant on their lives. This is a splendid race through town and village, meeting heroes and villains and some characters who are just downright disgusting! An excellent book. I loved it!
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Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
Orphan Tom Falconer works and slaves for the repulsive Slopes. Then a rich stranger arrives and whisks him away to a new life in Elizabethan London. All kinds of rogues and dangers await him there but it's at a play, "The Devil and his Boy", he discovers that the fate of England is in his hands.
And what do you think?
Bert Tomlinson, Hillel Academy Prep. School
I like this book because it is very interesting and has alot of adventure.I"m sure many other readers will like it because it is very imaginary and fun.PEACE!
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