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Harry and the Wrinklies
by Alan Temperley 667/225
Humour published by Scholastic Children’s Books
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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0/10 Sorry, I haven't had time to read this yet.
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The publisher reckons...
When Harry's sent to stay with his great-aunts at Lagg Hall, he thinks he's in for a really dull time. But Auntie Florrie, Aunt Bridget and their elderly friends aren't quite as Harry expects them to be. Aren't they too old to be driving fast cars and climbing trees? And what are the plans they're making late at night when Harry's in bed?
And what do you think?
Jack Haynes, St. Andrews School, Eastbourne
This book is about a rich boy called Harry. He goes to live with his auntie in a big house, where he discovers his auntie is part of a band of criminals who do exciting jobs like rob banks and get their friends out of prison when they get caught.
Catherine Dent, Court Moor Fleet
Harry is a 10 year old boy whos"s parents are always away, while there away he lives with his horrible housekeeper Gestapo Lil. One day he finds out that his parents have died in a car crash, Harry goes to live with his aunts at Lagg Hall. His two aunts t More...
Chelsea, Bacton School
This book is rubbish!
Chelsea, Bacton School
This is a great book! The TV series is better though, because you can acctualy watch Harry doing the stuff (and the wrinklies) and see where he is! But this is a good book! I've known much better though! But it's funny!
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