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The Doomspell
by Cliff McNish 723/374 first published 2000
Fantasy and Magic for ages 9 to 14 published by Orion Children’s Books
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
In a frightening attack Rachel and Eric are ripped out of their world and find themselves in a world of snow and ice ruled by the Witch.
What happens?
In an alien world where thousands of children serve a cruel witch, Rachel and Eric find they have special powers. Rachel can turn herself into things and fly on an owl's back, just lien the Witch. The Witch is pleased she has been waiting for someone to help her, to become her second in command. For the poor helpless children, Rachel is their only hope of defeating the Witch. Can Rachel hold out against the Witch or will she slowly become just like her?
Is it easy to read?
This book is quite easy to read and flows well so good readers should find it a bit of a challenge. Although the hero is a girl, I think boys will find this enjoyable too, there are plenty of male characters and some gruesome descriptions.
Anything else?
First book in a trilogy. McNish has created a dangerous and exciting new world, which readers of magic should really enjoy. His characters are believable and the story is pacy. We are drawn into the truth behind the world of the Witch and the ground has been laid for the next book. This book is well worth a read, but some younger children might not like the first chapter, so it might be worth an adult just checking it out. Read it!
Other books by Cliff McNish include The Scent of Magic.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
The publisher reckons...
In a blaze of light, rush of wind and scrabble of claws, Rachel and her younger brother are ripped through the wall and hurtled into another world. Like thousands of children before them, they have been snatched away by the Witch, but this time, the Witch has met her match in Rachel.
And what do you think?
John McLay, Amazon.co.uk
If Hollywood ever decides to make a film of The Doomspell, they're going to need an awfully big budget. In his first highly imaginative novel, Cliff McNish has created a story so large in scope, so plentiful in amazing characters and containing so much co
Laura Couldrey, St Marys Ascot
IT'S BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!
Madina, Cupar
Racheal and her younger brother Eric are snatched away by the evil witch Dragwena. She believes that Racheal has powerful magic, which she can use to her adavantage. The Doomspell tells the story of the battle of wills and magic, good versus evil. But who More...
bobby, hammersmith
There are two children Rachael and Eric who get kidnapped by an evil witch called dragwena,to another world called Ithrea.In Ithrea Rachael discovers that she has good magic abilities that only Dragwena and her can do.Eric however has magic that knowone e More...
Cheri, C.H.I.J Toa Payoh
This is one of the most magical books I"ve ever read. It shows you to the world of Itrea ,Its grey snow, gloom and a witches dream world. Evil lurks there and... Rachel gets tested buy the BOX of snakes and ladders. I hope that they will make the book int More...
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