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The Snow Spider
by Jenny Nimmo (more about Jenny Nimmo) 8/8 illustrated by Joanna Carey
Fantasy and Magic for ages 7 to 11 published by Mammoth
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
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Mrs Mad's humble opinion
7/10 This is quite a good piece of work.
What's it about?
A mystical poetic book of a boy's search for his lost sister, with battles against evil and encounters with other worlds of silver and snow.
What happens?
Gwyn's grandmother gives him five strange birthday gifts, to see if he has any magical powers - a piece of seaweed, a yellow scarf, a tin whistle, a twisted metal brooch and a small broken horse. What could they all be for? Gwyn gives the brooch to the wind and in return there comes a tiny silver spider, Arianwin, the Snow Spider.
Is it easy to read?
A beautifully written story, with exciting adventures and strange happenings. Will catch the imagination of any child. Some of the Welsh names may cause problems for the reader but a little help from an adult will help greatly. Well worth a read.
Anything else?
I've found in general that girls rather than boys will like this book, although I've known several boys who have enjoyed it and gone on to read authors like Robin Jarvis and Brian Jacques. Won the Smarties Book Prize 1996. The first of a trilogy, followed by Emlyn's Moon and The Chestnut Soldier. Grand Prix winner of the Smarties Prize.
Other books by Jenny Nimmo include Dog Star, Emlyn's Moon, Griffin's Castle, Midnight for Charlie Bone, Seth and the Strangers, The Chestnut Soldier, The Rinaldi Ring, The Time Twister, Tom and the Pterosaur, Ultramarine.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
And what do you think?
Alex and Rhys, St Athan
We think the Snow spider is pretty good. we would give a rating of 7/10.
giselinde, university of ghent (belgium)
this book has always been one of my favourites. i read it for the first time when i was 9 years old, now i'm 19 and i still like to reread it... it gives me a very magical feeling (even more than the harry potter books).
Jennie & Leah & Nathan, St Athan
We enjoyed reading your book. We really liked the part were Gwyn hit Dewi without touching him. I found it really good. I like Jacqueline Wilson's books too.
nasya, malaysia
Dear Mrs. Mad, For months i have been trying to find a website about this beautiful story which was read to me by my teacher when i was around 8 years old. i am now 17 but i have never forgotten this story. i used to live in Cardiff, Wales when my father
Nathan Denner and Lauren Davis, St. Athan Primary School
We reckon that the Snow Spider is a good book for children and adults too. We like it when Gwyn makes magic things happen.
Lizzie, St.Mellons
Really good 9out of 10. Good for 9 year olds.
kane de carteret, castel school,castel
i hate the book it's a load of rubbish
Madeline, Sydney Australia
This book was a beautiful and magical part of my childhood, I am so thrilled that i have finally remembered the name of it! I am now 18 and remember being about 9 and owning The Snow Spider, Emylyn"s Moon and The Chestnut Soldier - all in one book. They a More...
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