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Ginny's Egg
by Pippa Goodheart 932/508
Miscellaneous for ages 7 to 10
Mrs Mad's humble opinion
8/10 You are working hard. Well done.
What's it about?
When Mum goes into hospital to have the baby Ginny finds a very special egg in the hen-house.
What happens?
Ginny can't wait for her mum to have the new baby and when the day finally comes she is very excited. But something else special has happened. Ginny has found a golden egg in the hen-house and while she waits for the new baby to be born the egg hatches. A tiny dragon comes out and later that night her baby brother is born, but he has Down's Syndrome. Ginny's parents don't know how to cope with this, but Ginny's egg helps them realise their love for the new baby.
Is it easy to read?
A very good choice for readers who are growing in their abilities, it's long enough to keep them going for a while but not too long to be daunting.
Anything else?
Pippa Goodheart writes with genuine feeling and has a simplistic approach which makes her book easy to read, good for young readers who just want to get on with the story. This is a beautiful tale about accepting life and seeing the best in things.
Who says so?
This review by Mrs Mad.
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