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Bad Dreams
by Anne Fine (more about Anne Fine) 942/9 illustrated by Susan Winter
first published 2001
Miscellaneous for ages 10 to 14 published by Corgi Yearling
Available from:  Amazon.co.uk
* £3.99, Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Pat Posner's humble opinion
9/10 Very good. I am pleased with this.
What's it about?
The story of a reluctant friendship between Mel, who prefers books to people and new girl, Imogen, who often behaves in a weird and spooky way.
What happens?
Mel doesn't seem to need, or want, friends - she prefers to spend her spare time reading. She isn't too pleased to be picked as the first-week minder for new girl Imogen. And Imogen isn't too pleased to be made a book monitor along with Mel. Imogen hates books! Mel soon discovers that some books seem to frighten or upset Imogen and, sometimes, Imogen talks to a character on the front cover of a book. Not only that, she seems to know what's going to happen to characters in books without reading them. There's definitely something strange and weird about Imogen, everyone except Mel seems uneasy to be anywhere near her. Imogen says it was the same at her last school - they all said she was 'creepy'. Mel becomes curious about Imogen's weirdness and discovers that Imogen has a gift which is more like a curse. Using what she'd learned from stories in books, Mel works out a way to save Imogen from her gift - to rid her of the curse.
Is it easy to read?
Not always an easy read, but a gripping book that's hard to put down.
Anything else?
Susan Winter's illustrations have a 'dream-like' feel which really add to the atmosphere.
Other books by Anne Fine include Charm School, Chicken Gave It To Me, Crummy Mummy and Me, Design a Pram, Goggle Eyes, How to Write Really Badly, Step by Wicked Step, The Granny Project, The More The Merrier, The Tulip Touch.
Who says so?
This review by Pat Posner.
The publisher reckons...
Mel prefers books to people and she certainly doesn't want to look after the new girl, Imogen. But Imogen is different too, there's something about her that makes everyone feel very uneasy. Slowly, Mel discovers Imogen has a special talent - a family "gift" that Mel thinks is more like a curse.
And what do you think?
Susan Harrison, Amazon.co.uk
The Times Educational Supplement labelled Anne Fine as "a children's writer of rare gifts". Indeed she is. Anyone who has ever revelled in Goggle Eyes, Madame Doubtfire, Charm School, or indeed any of her other novels, will have been left in little doubt
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