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mrs mad's book-a-rama!

Awards and Plaudits

Here are some kind things that people have said about my Book-a-Rama ...

'... has a real feeling of enthusiasm for children's literature, as well as a genuine element of wit. It seems to me to escape the feeling of either control and condescension or of commercialism which seem to pervade some other sites like this... very easy to use and child-friendly.'
Lesley Telford, Roehampton Institute

'...terrific site. Just the sort of site to get teachers (and others) excited about the potential of the web.'
Doug Dickinson, Independent ICT Consultant

'Hello. Nice to be featured...'
Philip Pullman, Author

'Only been here a few minutes and really enjoyed using the site. It's excellent and as soon as we're on line I'll get my class to use this site!!'
Denise Pilkington, Teacher

'v useful and fun - good links'
Angela Bell, Librarian

'This is a brilliant site. I would like to send in some reviews very soon (as soon as they stop giving us too much homework!)'
Rachel, School Pupil

'I go on your site every night, and I love it. It's really funny.'
Vanessa, School Pupil

'wicked internet page'
Vimrent, School Pupil

We really appreciate your feedback, good or bad! So please send me a message, and a big thank you to everyone on this page.

Mrs Mad

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