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from Claudia Flavell, Spratton Hall School, Northampton
Some of it was alright but the rest was totally boring
from jessica Woolley, hertingfordbury cowper jmi
Dustbin Baby is about a teenage girl who was abandoned at birth in a dustbin behind a pizza place. She never found her real parents. Through her life she has been moved from place to place. Now on her 14th birthday she is on a mission to find her real par
from Jenni Hollander, Godolphin and Latymer School, London
As all Jacqueline Wilson's books are, this book was a little confusing at the beginning with all the main characters being introduced and the plot being unravelled. The main plot was a little overreacted - it would be impossible for a girl who's been through all that to even try and live a normal life. But altogether it was an amazing book - Jacqueline Wilson's best so far.
from Ellie neal, st.barts
The dustbin baby, a great name to start a great book. The idea of being left in a bin at birth is something that you may never had thought of for a entising strory with a strong heart. 14 year old april (whos named that because she was born on april the first) wants to find her real mother, so one day she bunks of school and traces her routes. Will she find her mother Mum or will she just end up crying likeshe always does?
from Stephanie, Gravesend
Dustbin Baby is a very emotional book containing a lot of real life stories and features. I think it is a excellent story and could help a lot of young people in the same situation and hopefully answer many of their troubling questions.
from Bethany, St. Bedes, Peterlee
I think that the dustbin baby is a very good book because, it is really emotional and fun to read. On some parts of the book I couldn"t put it down because I wanted to read on to find out what happened next. I would rate the book 8/10
from nadira, west acton
dustbin baby is very sad on april because she hasen"t got a clue about her background

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