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from Joe Morris, Ogden High School
While I am an avid believer in the first amendment, I think this book should be banned and burned. My daughter and a small clique at school read this book and became cutters, formed a suicide club, and my daughter was caught at school with a knife when she tried to 'scare' some boys who were picking on her. And this from a A/B student, solid background, and with few personal issues. Granted, she and her 'group' suffer from average looks, not very popular with the "in" crowds, and relatively low self-esteem. Cut taught these girls to be a little 'crazy' toward those who ridicule them, and also showed them that they didn't have to externalize pain and emotions when they felt 'down' or hurt. This book is pathetic, and should not be recommended.
from Annette, Strathfield
I just finished the book then and I thaught it was the best i've read for a long time, A great book!
from kim , creston
i real like this book it is true about cutting i see now how i can stop cutting it is a great book and it is so great to find about about something teens see and kind of want to know more about it
from Danielle, Dreyfoos School of The Arts
I loved this book, I was very much so into self mutilation for a few years, and I too had to be given medical attention. This book clearly explains what is going on inside Callie"s head, you feel like she is a friend of sorts. I recommend this book for every person who can handle the read.... To the man who wrote that the book should be banned: Your daughter and her friends apparently had a problem, and they used the book as an excuse. The book is no advocate to violence, Callie and her friends never once say positive things about stabbing other people or threatning them. It is obvious that this guy is just trying to find an excuse for his daughter"s inapproarite behavior.
from DaLee, Central High School
this book teaches senses into the reader. this book will not catch those people who love reading books, but to those who actually do it. i would say, this book is an inspirational book to tell students/youngsters to understand that there is a reason for everything, even when it comes to the most impossible. this book could possibly get across the minds of teenagers who do cut themselves in a way of punishing themselves and blaming themselves for somthing tradegic that has happened to them.
from Jenni, Spring Hill, KS
I felt that this book was the best book I have ever read... better than even books I had called "faves" for over a year. I felt as though I were there with Callie. I think that the man who wrote a review saying the book should be banned has no idea about the book of which he is speaking; just because there are a few "copycat" incidents does not mean that every person, or even a majority of people, will do the same thing. This book was a salvation for past cutters, and helped me get through my tragic and traumatic times. I think that without this book, I would have resorted to certain death.
from Melissa, LPMS
I liked the book very good. It was interesting to read and I think other people would like it to, just because she learns from her mistakes and she learns that cutting yourself doesnt help you get better, so its a good book to teach other people those things and I think everyone should try and read this book! ThankYou, Melissa!
from Michele, BFA St. Albans
I loved this book because I know a lot of my friends have cut themselves in the past, and by reading this book it has interested me to find out more about self-mutilation, in fact i have been going online to look up sites to tell me more information on it, becuase i want to help the people i know. Not only that, but i think that in some ways i am a self-mutilator, but not an extreme one such as a cutter.
from Kari, Keystone High
I thought this book was a very good book. I think it teaches you more of what "cutters" are going through. I think that it also teaches you about friendship. I think this book helped me a lot. I was tempted to cut myself every single day but then i read this book and it really made me think of what i was doing. To the man who said this book should be banned I think you are wrong. Have you ever even read the book yourself?? I think your daughter just got the idea from the back of the book and never read the book.

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