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from Megan, Glasgow
When Jayni"s mum realises it is not safe to stay at home because her father is getting too violent they run away to London with the money her mum has recently won on the lottery. Jayni becomes Lola Rose and thinks she will then become every thing she always wanted to be, but her new life isn"t as great as she had thought. She doesn"t like her mum"s new job or new boyfriend and she is forced to become the only responsible one when her mum is taken to hospital and her mum"s boyfriend walkes out on them. I think this was an excellent book. It is full of surprises and serious, grim situations but it is still easy to read. I think the will last quite long for a younger audience but is a nice quick read for more experienced reader.
from Danielle, Neasden Primary
Jayni"s mum wins ten thousand pounds on a scratch card. But then her dad gets mad because he thinks that that her mum is keeping it to herself and sends Jayni to bed as well as her brother Kenny. Jayni says no and her dad hits her and her mum. They run away as far as possible and give themselves new names Jayni is Lola Rose Luck. Her brother is Kendall Luck and her mum is Miss Luck.
from ellie, Stockton
When life at home suddenly gets really frightning, Jayni, her mum and little brother have to pack their bags and escape in the middle of the night. Although they are scared of getting caught traveling to London and staying in a hotel does seem quite scary. They even get to choose new names so jaynibecomes grown up Lola Rose. When I read it it was the best book i ever read. It was really exiting.
from Kathryn, Newton Mearns
Jacqueline Wilson"s "Lola Rose" is an extremely moving novel full of mixed emotions, making us cry one minute and laugh the next. The author has successfully managed to capture the full attention of the reader with her enthralling text. Set in a town in England, this wonderful tale concentrates on a family of four. Having an abusive father and husband doesn’t make their life easy and this book follows Nikki and her two children Jayni and Kenny through their ups and downs. Narrated by Jayni, this book sees one disaster after the other for the family, yet Wilson still manages to leave a whiff of optimism in the air. Like Jayni herself, you manage to kid yourself that things will turn out all right in the end. The novel begins with a rush of excitement as Nikki discovers she has won £10,000 on a scratchcard. She and her children come to the decision not to tell their father but as that plan backfires, life at home becomes frightening and Jayni, her mum and little brother find themselves on a train to London to escape her abusive father. Here, they feel safe, and they become the Luck family, Victoria, Lola Rose and Kendall. As they settle into a new life in London there is a definite role reversal as Lola appears to become the mother, caring for her brother when Victoria is not there. Along the way, there"s a wonderfully helpful head teacher, a sympathetic new best friend for Lola Rose and there in London, things seem to be going well for the family, until Victoria is diagnosed with breast cancer. Then Dad reappears.
from Sophie, Otley
Jayni, an 11 year old girl lives with her parents and brother Kenny. They lived in a council flat, but that was all about to change... Jayni"s mum, Nikki, won the lottery from a scratchcard! When Jayni"s dad heard he went mental, this had happened before. He hit Jayni and her mum which drove them away. They took a taxi to London, changed their names and bought a new flat with the lottery money. Their lives were about to change forever.

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