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from Gabriella, british international school-jakarta
This third book of eoin colfer"s artemis fowl series is filled with excitement and unexpected events. it all starts with artemis" business meeting with a powerful mafia in the human world to negotiate about his newest creation called the C cube. not long after everything falls in danger and even butler can;t save the both of them. because of this event, butler is injured and is close to death. now he needs captian holly"s help to save him. this is when the two archenemies are pushed to work together for the sake of the fairy realm and artemis" family and friends......
from Elizabeth, Webster
The series so far has taken me away. I think it is one of the best books. How can one not like Artemis Fowl? It is a great out-loud book. My younger sisture had seen me reading the book and asked me to please read it to her. She has a awesome imagination, wich leads to a tragic thing, she stops hearing of Grub, and becomes intrested. For she, a seven year old, is hanging on every word I read from it. She thought Artemis was the good guy in book one, and now relizes he is going to be a good guy. We are both anxious for book four, but first to finish book three! Well so far, Butler has been shot and Holly is down with Artemis, Jon, well he"s the bad guy, wants C Cube, wich he gets and Mulch, currnetly known as Mo, has to take Artemis to Jon. Well helped you out! :o) Oh... other readers will love the book because of Colfer"s way of making his writings funny! He has kept my attention and that, my friend, is hard to catch.

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