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from Chloe, Los Angeles
Well i dont know yet if i will like it or not because i havent read it yet.I am going to get it from my grandmother as a gift for christmas.She asked what book i would like and we went to the shop and i saw the cover the title i read the blurb.And it seemed very fascinating.It seemed to me like this fantasy book for adults but it was in the childrens shelf.I cant wait until christmas eve when i will get to read it.
from Austin, Edmond, Oklahoma
i loved this book "cause it was so exciting. i thought that gabriel silk was just the coolest "cause of his endowment. this book has such a great mystery. i just bought "charlie bone 2" and i can"t wait to see what happens.
from Nadia, TIS
It all happened in a school book store at my school. I was looking around and I didn"t know what on earth I was going to buy. Then I spot a book just around the corner. First I read the front page didnt really now what it was about then I read the back it seems so interesting. Then I finally bought it. Then when I did I was so addicted to it. I could let it go. I keep on reading it because it was so fascinating and cool I love it so much i couldn"t let it out of my sight. I really like Olivia Vertigo she so much like me. She and I are both same age and we both have the same personality and THE BOOK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!SOOOOO MUCH!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH JENNY TO FINALLY MAKE ME LIKE TO READ BOOKS! I WOUDLN"T HAVE LIKE BOOKS WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR GREAT BOOKS!

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