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from kate
Its the one of the best book i"ve ever read and thats the problem i like the series so much i"ve almost finished all 3 book s in a month (im not yet done the third) and the next book dosen"t come out till well maby a year or so !!!!!!!!!! what should i do well anyway if you get to talk to Jenny Nimmo please tell her my ideas - here they are: for 1 of the endowd you could have a talent stealer this child could drain ,steal or well inherit endowment so they could be pretty bad in the rong hands have olivia or emma have a crush on gabriel, lysander, trancred or................ and mabey then that person might like someone else or something
from James, Hollywell
Henry Yewbeam is sent hurtling through time by a little marble called the Time Twister! When he turns up in the same place 90 years later, he discovers that he looks just like his great-grand nephew! His cousin Ezekiel Bloor, the very person who rolled the Time Twister to him, is still alive and is out to kill Henry! Will Charlie Bone and all of his friends be able to save Henry from Zeke and the others? I liked the book because it has people with abnormal powers, and there is all kinds of littles twists around the next corner! I think others will like it because it shows us everyone is different and the same at the same time!

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