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from  Naomi King
A story set in Terry Pratchett's fictional world, "Discworld", with a girl struggling to get her brother back from a world of dreams ruled by an evil Queen. Tiffany wants to be a witch, because she doesn't fit any of the other fairytale characters. The Queen who rules an overlapping dream-world steals her brother and Tiffany has to try to get him back, with the help of the "Wee Free Men", tiny Scottish gnome-like creatures. This is fairytale book meant for slightly younger readers. It is easy to read and has a dreamlike quality to it. The main characters are quite likable and believable and it is hugely enjoyable. It is very imaginative and a lot of fun in parts. It would have been even better if Terry Prachett had kept his trademark humour for this story, and I was rather disappointed at the lack of it, but it is still a good modern fairytale. There's trouble on the Aching Farm - a monster in the river, a headless horseman in the driveway and nightmares spreading down the hills. And now Tiffany Aching's little brother has been stolen by the Queen of Fairies (although Tiffany doesn't think this is an entirely bad thing). Tiffany's got to get him back. To here she has a weapon (a frying pan), her granny's magic book (well Diseases of the Sheep, actually) and - oh yes. she's also got the Nac Mac Feegie, the Wee Free Men, the fightin', thievein', tiny blue-skinned pictsies who were thrown out of Fairyland for being drunk and disorderly..
from peter, william howard
The wee free men is one of my favorate books even though it is the only book i have read in the discworld series, i would give it a 10 out of 10 as well since i read this book i am in to terry pratchet books now.

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