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from Corina, Madrid Loeches
It"s a very good book I live in Spain and this book is very good.
from rowenna, prestatyn
The Dark is basically about Ethan and Isabel who can travel back in time so the The Order of chaos cannot change the future.Also there friend Arkarian is kidnapped and Ethan and Isabel go on a rescue search for Arkarian. The reason i liked the book so much is because it has suspense,excitement,romance and humour.Also you feel like you know the characters and you are in their lives because she has described it so well. Why i think other readers would enjoy the book is because she has put reality and fantasy together which makes it more exciting to think of another world which could be there.And it really gets you thinking.
from Jessica, California
It is a really good book. I loved The Named but this book is suspenseful and it has some twists and it surprises you. All the characters have grown more mature and that makes the book so real. I could actually feel myself getting sucked into the story. I can"t wait for the next one to come out.
from mateus, LODON
The gods are going to punish the guards in any way they can I liked the book a lot and I know every one will. I loved the action a lot too.
from Nicole, CSSS
This Book ROCKS!!! I love the ending the best!!!
from Sarah!
I thought that "The Dark" was much better than its predecessor in the series "The Guards of Time". This book is told from both Arkarian and Isabels points of view. It"s a wonderful book filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and fun. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read. I was really impressed with this sequel and cannot wait until the third and final book of the trilogy!
from Meredith
from Gloria, Barcelona
I think this book is amazing! And I like a lot how Marianne Curley writes. I love all type of stories about fantasy or magic, and I love this book of the triology it"s fantastic! I recommend it. From a catalan girl from Barcelona. In catalan "the dark" is translated in "la foscor".

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