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from Naomi King
This is a story of a girl called Violet who loves to sew fairies based on the novels by her favourite author, Casper Dream. Violet loves the fairies in Casper Dream's books and has always wanted to meet him. She has a brother, Will, who was adopted when they were both babies, and Will likes to try to control her. One day, Violet meets a new girl in her class called Jasmine, and they become best friends. After overhearing her brother and Jasmine make fun of her, Violet ruins away and meets Casper Dream, who is nothing like what she expected, and he tells her to carry on being individual. The target audience is young teenage girls who may be still clinging onto childhood and finding it hard to grow up. The vocabulary is simple and the book is very easy to read, but apart from lacking much point, the book also features young Violet running away on her own on the train to a very run-down street far away from where she lives because she wants to meet her favourite author. She does meet him there, and unlike in real life, all ends well, which I thought was rather irresponsible. It was an enjoyable story to read but lacks any depth and a few things are are confusing- for instance, it is hinted that Violet's brother is a changeling, but in fact he seems to be just adopted like a regular baby- but it is lighthearted and has a nice message.
from nadira, west acton promary school
i think from reading that paragraph it is very exciting
from Sophie, London
I really like this book because it was kind of a cliff hanger, and the ending is very different to what you would of thought at the beginning! Other readers will like it as well because its a great story and it keeps you interested.
from kirstie, Counthill
I really like the book, Violet loves Casper Dream, and has his made up fairies hanging from her bedroom ceiling. Life is changing for Violet, her brother, Will, doesn"t speak no more, all because he found out the secret Violets parents had been hiding from them. Will might know magic, he is forcing Violet to do things she doesn"t want to. Violets new friend, super-cool Jasmine, could help Violet break free from Will"s spells, or Will and Jasmine could get rid of Violet and get to know each other. This book really made me want to find out more, other readers will definitely feel the same. You get to find out all a girls secrets and what her life is like being differant. I would put this book a *must read*.
from kirsty-ann, manchester
midnight is a great story.it is the best book i have read so far.

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