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from Chelsie, St. Andrew's School, Eastbourne.
It was very fun to read. I liked it a lot. I like this book because it is like my life and the way i feel.
from Cher Lourens, Alverton, Penzance
I think that this story has an excellent story line. It involves the reader a lot and it isn't boring. It's about two girls that get into trouble a lot, thats my kind of thing. It's an action packed amazing story which inspires you and is funny to the you
DOMINIQUE BERRY JACQUELINE WILSON! BAD GIRLS It is about a girls called Mandy , she gets very mad because her mum his very nosy she will not let her go away.She gets picked on at school.Tanya comes to stay at her house.Mandy is a only child . Tanya is big
from Emily Rawsthorne, Wellfield Church SchoolBurnley
Emily Rawsthorne Jacqueline Wilson Bad girls Mandy is always been picked on at school because she has an over protective mother and eventually finds a friend called Tanya who is very brainy. Just like her with the same kind of mother.I really like Jacquel
from Georgia Foley, HertingfordburyCowper school
Bad Girls is a believable story and you will never get bored. It is about a little girl called Mandy and she is getting picked on by three girls called Kim, Melanie and Sarah. But then she meets Tanya she took care of the bullies. Tanya is a orphan and sh
from Jennifer, kings lynn
I realy like the called bad girl because if my sisters a bad girl then I just think about your story.And I think some bits are realy funny.
from jenny, england
I think that it is good because when you read one of her books I read it and I couldn't put it down I love her books jenny
from Katy Simpson, Dundonald Primary School
In the book there is a girl called Mandy and she is always getting bullied by a girl in her year. But soon she meets a really nice girl called Tanya but will she get things sorted out before Mandy gets bullied again
from Kirsty and Charlotte, Boughton school
We think this book is a definite 10 out of 10. It is also rather educational because of the lesson learnt from bullying. The cover also persuaded us because of its vibrant colours. We recommend this book to ages 8 and over. Well done Jacqueline Wilson!!!!
from Laura Smallwood, Bury
This book was really exciting because you didn't know what was going to happen next. One time they were shoplifting from Indigo and the next minute they were running escaltor away from the man. I just couldn't put it down your a brilliant Author
from Mary, London
Bad girls really are the bad girls in this book. The book is unbelievably realistic and the characters have real life personalities like you can actually relate to them. This book could really happen but is told in a humourous way. A definite must for all
from Naomi Wright, Nottingham
This book is one of the best books I have ever read. I would give it 100 out of 100!!!!!
from Pippa, Bocking
I think this book is brilliant. It's all about Mandy and her best friend Tanya. They go out shopping and get caught for shoplifting or do they?
I think that Bad Girls is so fun packed and adventurous I would give it a well diserved 10 out of 10 because it is brillient and fantastic i've read it about 10 times
from Rosebud, Muscat
A girl gets teased in school. She has no friends. Her best friend has gone of with some bullies, and now they're bullying her. Once she makes a friend. she thinks their friendship will go on forever. So what can possibly go wrong? Meet Mandy and her hard
from Sophie Charles, Eastbourne St.Andews School
It is a Excellent book andI recommend every one to read it . It is book which is well worth reading.
from  Tamsin Palmer, Amazon.co.uk
Bad Girls is Jacqueline Wilson's eighth title. Her previous books include The Suitcase Kid which won the 1993 Children's book Award, and Double Act, which won both the Smarties Prize and the Children's Book Award in 1995. Bad Girls deals lightly but sensi
from ayana, st.augustines,kilburn
i like this book because you can relate it to everday experiences.its about a girl called mandy who gets bullied but meets a really cool friend tanya but then things start to go wrong.
from Hayley, St.johns cyprus
I really liked the book bacuse it was really nice to read, the writing was not that big and not that small. there is a girl called tanya and she makes friends with this girl and without giving away the end, there bad girls!
from Noni Nosh, London
Excellent! A very good read - go buy it now!!!
from Olga Nkuba, Hillel Academy
The book is very interesting and i really liked the part when her friend Tanya comes to stay with her because it feels like your inside the book and I really liked it.You should read it TOO.
from Becca, Sir William Robertson High School
When I read the Book "Bad Girls" I couldn"t put the book down, it was fantastic it kept me going becuse it suited my age and the characters were imaginable. I would give this book 9/10 and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
from emily, bispham
i really love bad girls, in fact, its my favourite book its about a girl called mandy and she gets bullied at school. This because she is a right mummys girl. She also has a friend that is a boy (graham) so they tease bim as well but it all changes when tanya comes along they still bully her but not as bad because she tells them.....

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