Comparison Test of the 3 Best Eyebrow Serums on the Market in 2020 | For Perfectly Arched, More Beautiful and Fuller-Looking Brows

This situation may sound familiar: The look is perfect, the outfit matches, and even Hollywood couldn’t improve on your makeup. Yet something is missing when you look in the mirror - that eye-catcher, which lends your face even more character and perfectly frames your face. It’s likely that your brows are bugging you at this moment – they were in our case here at MrsMad!

That's not surprising, because many years ago some resourceful scientists discovered that brows play a unique role for us. They are responsible for our facial expressions and the human brain even automatically hones in on brows to recognize other people from a distance. Interestingly enough, it’s those fine hairs above the eye area that our brain registers first and not necessarily the nose or hairstyle.

Reason enough to give your brows a boost. With our top three eyebrow growth serums, we were able to achieve excellent results and emulate brow icons like Cara Delevingne. Not to worry, more subtle results are also possible!

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We’ve examined the eyebrow serum market for you

In a nutshell: Powerful serums that work on a scientific basis to ensure distinctive brows in both the short and long term. The most effective eyebrow growth serums work with the help of prostaglandin derivatives, proven to prolong the growth phase. This hormone-like substance enhances your brows by making them longer and thicker while glamming up your overall look.

The prostaglandin itself is used in the treatment of many diseases. It enjoys a special position in glaucoma research where researchers discovered by chance that the eyelashes of their test subjects were suddenly noticeably longer. Later on, the positive results regarding the prolonged growth phase were duly noted and then also tested out on the eyebrows. Turns out this hormone-like substance also works perfectly on the brows!

For which problems is a brow serum the best option?

For example, if you have patchy brows. Bald spots usually occur because individual hairs do not grow out as much as others. Sparse eyebrows are extremely unattractive and can quickly morph into an annoying blemish. The growth serums are also suitable if you would like to emulate the distinctive eyebrows of Cara Delevingne. This world-famous model virtually initiated the trend towards strong, healthy brows single-handedly, sending over-plucked, thin and patchy eyebrows packing.

Although brow serums are now widely used, they are by no means an integral part of the daily beauty routine for most women. The majority has either resigned themselves to thinner eyebrows or tried to help themselves with various makeup products. Yet the solution is just waiting to be used in the form of the serums. These serums are also an excellent alternative to current beauty trends such as microblading or permanent makeup. In both scenarios, the hairs are only "tattooed” on without technically existing physically. Eyebrow enhancers actually lengthen the eyebrows and can literally help too short hairs get back on their feet again.

Powerful serums for any budget

Our test winner comes from the cult brand ORPHICA and is simply called "BROW." A combination of synthetic and botanical ingredients together with a derivative of the aforementioned prostaglandin boost growth while many soothing substances optimize the care. Quality has its price, even though the serum is not that expensive compared to the competition. In addition to the good price, the precise dosage of the individual ingredients ensures that the first improvements often appear after only 14 days!

Treatment with a serum won’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. Keep in mind that the packaging size is designed for daily use for over three months. If you now break down the usage to one month, week or even day, striking brows are really not such a costly undertaking. One thing in advance: We have not included purely plant-based products on our list of the best. There is no scientific evidence that such brow serums are effective. For those lacking the prostaglandin derivatives, results often fail to materialize at all.

The 3 best eyebrow serums at a glance

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner
    • with a prostaglandin derivative and peptides (scientifically-proven formula)
    • first results after only 14 to 21 days of continuous use
    • contains botanical extracts including ginseng and nettle
    • one bottle lasts for 3 to 5 months
    • available in a 4 ml version
    • the overall winner on internationally renowned test portals

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum
    • with a prostaglandin derivative (scientifically-proven formula) and synthetic black sea rod oil
    • first results after 21 to 25 days of continuous use
    • contains nourishing ingredients including biotin, hyaluronic acid, GAG, and PRODEW® 500
    • one bottle lasts for about 4 months
    • available in a 5 ml version

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner
    • with a prostaglandin derivative and peptides (scientifically-proven formula)
    • first results after 21 to 35 days of continuous use
    • contains many natural and synthetic extracts
    • one bottle lasts for about 3 months
    • available in a 3 ml version

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner
    • mit Prostaglandinderivat (wissenschaftlich bewiesene Wirkung)
    • erste Ergebnisse bereits nach 14 bis 21 Tagen
    • inklusive natürlicher Extrakte aus dem Ginseng und der Brennnessel
    • Flakon reicht für 3 bis 5 Monate
    • verfügbar in der 4 ml Variante
    • Testsieger auf international renommierten Testportalen

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum
    • mit Prostaglandinderivat (wissenschaftlich bewiesene Wirkung) und Black Sea Rod Oil
    • erste Ergebnisse schon nach 21 bis 25 Tagen
    • inklusive synthetischer Pflege durch Biotin, Hyaluron, GAG und Prodew 300
    • Flakon reicht für circa 4 Monate
    • in der 5 ml Variante erhältlich

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner
    • mit Prostaglandinderivat (wissenschaftlich bewiesene Wirkung)
    • erste Ergebnisse nach 21 bis 35 Tagen
    • inklusive vieler natürlicher und synthetischer Extrakte
    • Flakon reicht für circa 3 Monate
    • in der 3 ml Variante erhältlich

Acondicionador de Cejas ORPHICA BROW
    • con un derivado de prostaglandina y péptidos (fórmula científicamente comprobada)
    • primeros resultados después de apenas 14 a 21 días de uso continuo
    • contiene extractos botánicos, incluyendo ginseng y ortiga
    • una botella dura entre 3 y 5 meses
    • disponible en una versión de 4 ml
    • elegido como ganador por varios portales de pruebas reconocidos

Sérum Renovador de Cejas M2 BEAUTÉ
    • con un derivado de prostaglandina (fórmula científicamente comprobada) y gorgonia negra marina sintética
    • primeros resultados después de 21 a 25 días de uso continuo
    • contiene ingredientes nutritivos, incluyendo biotina, ácido hialurónico, GAG y PRODEW® 500
    • una botella dura unos 4 meses
    • disponible en una versión de 5 ml

Acondicionador de Cejas RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced
    • con un derivado de prostaglandina y péptidos (fórmula científicamente comprobada)
    • primeros resultados después de 21 a 35 días de uso continuo
    • contiene muchos extractos naturales y sintéticos
    • una botella dura unos 3 meses
    • disponible en una versión de 3 ml

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner
    • avec un dérivé de prostaglandine et des peptides (formule scientifiquement prouvée)
    • premiers résultats visibles après seulement 14 à 21 jours d’utilisation continue
    • contient des extraits de plantes apaisantes comme le ginseng et l’ortie
    • un seul flacon dure 3 à 5 mois
    • disponible en flacon de 4 ml
    • le grand gagnant sur les sites de test connus mondialement

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum
    • avec un dérivé de prostaglandine (formule scientifiquement prouvée) et de black sea rod synthétique
    • premiers résultats visibles après 21 à 25 jours d’utilisation continue
    • contient des ingrédients nourrissants dont la biotine, l’acide hyaluronique, GAG et PRODEW® 500
    • un flacon dure environ 4 mois
    • disponible en flacon de 5 ml

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner
    • avec un dérivé de prostaglandine et des peptides (formule scientifiquement prouvée)
    • premiers résultats visibles après 21 à 35 jours d’utilisation continue
    • contient de nombreux extraits naturels et synthétiques
    • un flacon dure environ 3 mois
    • disponible en flacon de 3 ml

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner
    • a base di derivati delle prostaglandine e peptidi (formula scientificamente dimostrata)
    • primi risultati dopo solo 14-21 giorni di uso continuato
    • contiene estratti vegetali tra cui ginseng e ortica 
    • un flacone dura dai 3 ai 5 mesi 
    • disponibile in confezioni da 4 ml 
    • il vincitore assoluto su portali di test di fama mondiale

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum
    • a base di derivati delle prostaglandine (formula scientificamente dimostrata) e black sea rod oil sintetico
    • primi risultati dopo 21-25 giorni di uso continuato
    • contiene ingredienti nutrienti tra cui biotina, acido ialuronico, glicosaminoglicani e PRODEW® 500
    • un flacone dura circa 4 mesi
    • disponibile in confezioni da 5 ml

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner
    • a base di derivati delle prostaglandine e peptidi (formula scientificamente dimostrata)  
    • primi risultati dopo 21-35 giorni di uso continuato
    • contiene diversi estratti naturali e sintetici 
    • un flacone dura circa 3 mesi
    • disponibile in confezioni da 3 ml

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner
    • bevat een prostaglandine derivaat en peptiden (wetenschappelijk aangetoonde formule)
    • eerste resultaten na 14 tot 21 dagen continu gebruik
    • bevat verzachtende plantenextracten waaronder ginseng en netel
    • een flacon is genoeg voor 3 tot 5 maanden gebruik
    • verkrijgbaar in een 4 ml flacon
    • de algehele winnaar bij internationaal bekende testen

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum
    • bevat een prostaglandine derivaat (wetenschappelijk aangetoonde formule) en synthetisch black sea rod oil
    • eerste resultaten na 21 tot 25 dagen continu gebruik
    • bevat voedende ingrediënten waaronder biotine, hyaluronzuur GAG en PRODEW® 500
    • een flacon is genoeg voor 4 maanden gebruik
    • beschikbaar in een 5 ml versie

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner
    • bevat een prostaglandine derivaat en peptiden (wetenschappelijk aangetoonde formule)
    • eerste resultaten na 21 tot 35 dagen continu gebruik
    • bevat vele natuurlijke en synthetische extracten
    • een flacon is genoeg voor ongeveer 3 maanden gebruik
    • verkrijgbaar in een 3 ml versie

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner
    • with a prostaglandin derivative and peptides (scientifically-proven formula)
    • first results after only 14 to 21 days of continuous use
    • contains botanical extracts including ginseng and nettle
    • one bottle lasts for 3 to 5 months
    • available in a 4 ml version
    • the overall winner on internationally renowned test portals

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum
    • with a prostaglandin derivative (scientifically-proven formula) and synthetic black sea rod oil
    • first results after 21 to 25 days of continuous use
    • contains nourishing ingredients including biotin, hyaluronic acid, GAG, and PRODEW® 500
    • one bottle lasts for about 4 months
    • available in a 5 ml version

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner
    • with a prostaglandin derivative and peptides (scientifically-proven formula)
    • first results after 21 to 35 days of continuous use
    • contains many natural and synthetic extracts
    • one bottle lasts for about 3 months
    • available in a 3 ml version

Our criteria for testing eyebrow serums

To give you the most comprehensive overview possible of each listed serum, we have developed a versatile catalog of different criteria:

  • evaluation of the ingredients
  • analysis of short- and long-term results
  • application and condition of the applicator
  • the trustworthiness of the brand
  • the best value for money
  • reviews by other verified buyers

All these criteria add up to a final score, plus we also provide a summary of the results before each review. We have only included products with prostaglandin derivatives on our list of the best, as solely their effectiveness has been proven in these cases. Purely herbal products cannot offer up this kind of proof.

Our Recommendation: ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner

Our overall winner impressed us with its incredibly fast results, which none of the other tested products could match. In addition, the manufacturer relies on many nourishing substances from nature. The actual growth of the eyebrows is still the focal point, but their care is not neglected. Talk about a twofer!

ORPHICA BROW Brow Conditioner

Test Summary

Effectiveness and Ingredients


99 %



100 %



100 %

Customer Response & Value for Money


99 %

MrsMad Overall Rating


100 %

Overview of the ingredients and evaluation

Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide (DDDE) is a prostaglandin derivate, responsible for the growth of the eyebrows. The prolongation of the growth phase has been proven by various studies conducted with prostaglandin or its structural analog bimatoprost.

Furthermore, the serum contains biotinoyl tripeptide-1, a patented complex of different amino acids always combined in an exact dosage.

Glycerin and panthenol each provide the skin and hair with moisture and stimulate regeneration. Glycerin in particular also forms a protective film around the skin.

Natural extracts of nettle and ginseng top the list of natural ingredients in ORPHICA BROW. They improve the hair structure, provide more volume and give the fine hairs a natural sheen.

The serum does not contain any PEGs, sulfates, parabens, or silicones. However, substances of animal origin are present. Therefore this serum is not vegan even if it is not tested on animals.

Our experience with ORPHICA BROW

Spoiler alert: After about 16 days, we noticed improvements that were modest, but clearly visible to the naked eye. After about three months, the duration of the treatment, smaller bald patches were effectively filled in. In addition, the eyebrows became longer – making them appear stronger, more defined, and distinctive.

We did not experience any side effects or interactions. But it is worth mentioning that you should not use the serum if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, actively undergoing chemotherapy, or under the age of 18. This applies to all eyebrow growth serums presented here and to those with hormone-like substances such as prostaglandin in general.

Assistance with the application? Not really necessary!

Only use the growth serum with the included applicator after thoroughly cleansing and drying your face. Wipe the brush on the inside of the bottle before placing it along your eyebrows. Apply the serum from the inner to the outer corner of the brows with just one stroke per brow. The essences then distribute themselves around the eyebrows.

The following applies to all serums: Please make sure that none of the fluid gets into your eye. It burns, stings and can lead to short-term vision problems. While testing the serums, we always made sure to take five so that nothing went sideways during the beautification process.

To sum up our overall winner ORPHICA BROW

A traditional brand, ORPHICA regularly receives awards and tops the rating charts. BROW is no exception here and continues that tradition as an eyebrow growth serum. The bottle is rich in both filling quantities and easily covers the treatment plan of 3 months, once a day. If the purchase price is calculated in this way, it’s not even that high when taking the excellent results into account. In our case, they occurred after about 16 days. Just as beneficial: The synthetic moisturizers and the natural, nourishing extracts that pamper your new, bushy brows.


  • from ORPHICA, known for its top quality and high standards
  • made with a prostaglandin derivative, scientifically proven to work
  • contains other nourishing ingredients, both synthetic and natural
  • great value for your money
  • chic, modern look
  • extremely popular
  • not tested on animals


  • unfortunately not vegan due to substances of animal origin

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum

There’s one thing about this serum that immediately stands out: It works with both the scientifically proven prostaglandin derivative and its natural counterpart in synthetic form, black sea rod oil. True to the motto "two are better than one," it comes fully loaded with growth boosters, most evident in the results after three months. Also top-notch: The ingenious synthetic nourishing substances.

M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum

Test Summary

Effectiveness and Ingredients


99 %



100 %



100 %

Customer Response & Value for Money


85 %

MrsMad Overall Rating


95 %

The ingredients

The most striking feature of the M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum is the combination of MDN (a prostaglandin derivative) with Black Sea Rod Oil (a natural substance structurally similar but now engineered synthetically for sustainability). Manufacturers typically use black sea rod oil if they do not use prostaglandin derivatives. The combination of both substances is intended to enhance the effect even further.

Other synthetic ingredients ensure a high level of skin care, namely:

  • Hyaluronic acid provides moisture and suppleness
  • Prodew 500® absorbs moisture and releases it continuously over a long period
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7) strengthens and regenerates the skin
  • Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) moisturize and improve elasticity

Our experiences with the application and the results

As per the usual drill, apply the serum once a day with the help of the included applicator. In our test, the first visible results occurred after about 3 to 4 weeks, in terms of the growth and filling in of sparse areas. Well before that, the eyebrows felt very soft due to the many nourishing ingredients. The skin around and under the eyebrows felt optimally moisturized after only one week.

After about three months, the maximum possible growth is achieved. We would estimate that our eyebrows grew by around 50%. The short hairs grew out better, which helped clear out the bald patches. Therefore, we were delighted with the overall results!

More about the price and the feedback

The M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum definitely sports a premium price tag and is usually a tad more expensive than our overall winner – although fluctuations between dealer prices are to be expected. The 5 ml bottle easily lasts for the duration of the three-month treatment, if not longer. This is great because you can maintain the results with the same bottle. If you don’t keep at it, you'll lose the results over the next cycle. So, continue to use the serum 2 to 3 times a week to keep those beguiling brows in place for the long haul!

Buyers love the M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum, as does the trade press. Pole positions in tests are therefore almost part of everyday life for this high-end serum.

Our conclusion

Our team at MrsMad is excited about the M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum. Although we first rolled our eyes because MDN and synthetic black sea rod oil joined forces, this proved to be a brilliant combo in practice. The many nourishing ingredients pamper the brows, while they gradually gain more length behind the scenes. A bit pricier but worth every penny in our opinion!


  • combines a prostaglandin derivative with its natural counterpart Black Sea Rod Oil in synthetic form
  • from a well-known, big brand
  • economical, it lasts well beyond the initial course of treatment
  • elegant presentation in timeless black
  • synthetic ingredients are also based on scientific findings
  • easy handling


  • one of the most expensive serums on the market

RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

RevitaBrow® from RevitaLash® Cosmetics is an absolute classic from the USA. It has even received several awards for its effectiveness, such as the Allure Award in the "Beauty" category. The nourishing ingredients are both natural and synthetic, while the proven DDDE is used as a growth booster.

RevitaLash® RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner

Test Summary

Effectiveness and Ingredients


93 %



96 %



99 %

Customer Response & Value for Money


87 %

MrsMad Overall Rating


93 %

Which ingredients are used?

DDDE is a prostaglandin derivative scientifically proven to work. As is not uncommon for the RevitaLash® Cosmetics brand, it is processed in a high concentration. Bimatoprost was used in the past instead, but the manufacturer has now opted for the more compatible alternative.

Wheat germ glycerides help moisturize while their binding properties also stabilize the pH value of the serum, making it more compatible with the skin. Swertia Japonica and green tea extracts protect and strengthen the brows while Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 has a nourishing effect. The patented complex of various amino acids has virtually become a perennial favorite of the beauty industry.

More about the application, suitability and results

RevitaBrow® is suitable for people with thin, brittle, and short eyebrows or for those who wish to experience more volume and thickness. Around the four-week mark, MrsMad noticed the first signs of improvement. But it could take a little longer, depending on the genetic predisposition. After three months, our eyebrows were visibly longer, appeared fuller, and more striking overall.

The once-a-day application is a breeze thanks to the included applicator, which is best wiped off along the inside of the bottle to get rid of any excess serum. We did not experience any side effects, but the DDDE can always cause slight irritations that tend to recede quickly only to disappear entirely after a few applications.

…and the manufacturer?

RevitaLash® Cosmetics is basically known as the trailblazer of the entire industry! Considered the best-selling serum on the market, its eyelash growth serum is derived from similar ingredients. The cosmetics experts from the States are regarded as absolutely trustworthy and also promptly respond to any criticism, as evidenced by replacing the slightly controversial bimatoprost with the more tolerable DDDE.

How do we assess price and customer feedback?

The eyebrow serum is just as well-received by buyers as the eyelash serum, further underscored by its impressive sales figures and pole positions. The response has been consistently positive, both in the trade press, where it is repeatedly mentioned and among buyers who have opted for the RevitaBrow® serum.

Of course, the size and recognition value of the RevitaLash® brand has an effect on the quality/price ratio. Therefore, this serum is priced accordingly high. The filling quantity is sufficient for about three months, so you have to rebuy it to maintain the results.

Our conclusion

Our third place works with a formula that has been proven and consistently refined over the years. The results are excellent, even if not as fast as our overall winner. Due to the smaller filling quantity, the "entry price" is somewhat lower. But to maintain results, you would have to repurchase the serum soon. A positive factor is the inclusion of wheat germ glycerides, meant to improve tolerability as well as skin suppleness.


  • from the well-known American eyelash and eyebrow growth serum pioneer
  • contains DDDE, a prostaglandin derivative scientifically proven to work
  • natural soothing ingredients improve compatibility
  • with a patented peptide complex
  • easy applicator handling


  • für die Bekanntheit und Popularität der Marke wird etwas “draufgezahlt”
  • initial results not quite as fast as the first two placeholders

Conclusion of our test: Three superior products with great results

In our test, we introduced you to three fabulous eyebrow growth serums. Of course, there are also less effective serums on the market, but they simply cannot be included on our list of the top three winners. As always, the serums with the hormone-like substance prostaglandin or its derivatives achieve the best results. This is not surprising, as their effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Nevertheless, differences do exist. Our test winner ORPHICA BROW and third place RevitaBrow® rely on a cocktail of DDDE with natural and synthetic ingredients as well as peptides. Both achieve excellent results in the long term, with ORPHICA these occur even faster. However, our second place takes a different approach by combining another derivative (MDN) with synthetic black sea rod oil and counts on other synthetic ingredients in the form of many moisturizers to help out. A good option if you suffer from dry and flaky skin or heavily damaged hairs.

We always recommend reading the declared list of ingredients carefully before ordering, especially if you have any known allergies or sensitivities. Sometimes you discover a substance that you have not tolerated so well in the past and therefore you opt for another serum. It should also be noted that none of the presented serums are suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people actively undergoing chemotherapy or if you are under the age of 18 as the hormone-like prostaglandin derivatives may cause interactions.

A few criteria for choosing the right eyebrow serum

We always recommend the use of a prostaglandin-derivative growth serum. Purely botanical serums often do not keep what they promise as the effectiveness of their ingredients is not proven. Anyone who really wants to benefit from visible growth must basically resort to the hormone-like prostaglandin. Everything else is often just smoke and mirrors.

Finding the best brow serumWhen making a purchase, also consider the different criteria you can apply to a serum. The weighting of these may vary depending on what plays a more important role for you. Typical criteria are:

  • the composition of the serum together with the individual ingredients
  • how quickly results occur and their final outcome after the course of treatment
  • how often the serum should be applied and how easy it is to use
  • the quality/price ratio with regard to the filling quantity
  • the opinions of other buyers, the trade press and any awards
  • the evaluation of the brand or the manufacturer

A favorable price is sometimes the decisive argument for some people, while others do not shy away from higher prices and focus entirely on effectiveness instead.

Even if the initial price of some of our tested serums can seem quite high, keep in mind that the filling quantity is designed for three months. Calculated down, the investment for lavish brows and strong growth then usually stays within a reasonable limit. Consider the filling quantity. In most cases, it’s generally advisable to choose a larger bottle, as you will end up paying less per milliliter.

Do eyebrow serums actually work?

Bushy brows - do eyebrow growth serums workThey work - even pretty darn well! Provided that you chose a high-quality product. Always take the claims of the cosmetics and beauty jungle with a grain of salt. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

There are brow serums that make mind-blowing promises and cannot even begin to keep them. That's why it's vital to take a close look at the ingredients exactly as we did in our test.

There are reasons why brands such as M2 BEAUTÉ, ORPHICA and RevitaLash® have stellar reputations. It thus comes as no surprise that all three process prostaglandin derivatives. Many studies deal with prostaglandin and its growth-promoting effects. Here is a selection: 1, 2 or 3.

The results are incredibly positive. At the same time, more and more research is being done to possibly stimulate the hair growth of the scalp hair - especially in men with a widow’s peak or a receding hairline.

Even these great results don’t come as a surprise. During glaucoma research with prostaglandin, doctors identified increased hair growth as a "side effect" in their test subjects. It was only after this had been determined that an entire beauty industry was founded on the eyelash and eyebrow growth serums.

Typical prostaglandin derivatives are:

  • Dechloro-Dihydroxy-Difluoro-Ethylcloprostenolamide (DDDE)
  • Methylamido-Dihydro-Noralfaprostal (MDN)
  • Isopropyl-Cloprostenate
  • Bimatoprost

You can always recognize them by the “prost" contained somewhere in the name. As a derivative, they’re very similar. The scientifically proven effect is retained.

How the serums interact with the growth cycle

Humans have about 600 hairs on their eyebrows. Like with all our hairs, they grow in a cycle with the new hairs replacing the old ones. Such a cycle lasts about half a year, with a growth phase of circa eight weeks. Prostaglandin prolongs this phase so that the hairs can continue to grow for weeks and thus gain in length.

The mechanics of the growth cycle can be explained quite easily:

  1. Eyebrows technically grow for eight weeks, but this phase is actually prolonged.
  2. Simultaneously, the shedding of existing hairs is delayed with the help of many nourishing ingredients.

Both results in combination lead not only to an improvement of the sheer length by around 30 to 80% but also to a filling in of the patchy areas because the longer hairs appear thicker and older hairs don’t fall out prematurely. Due to the prolonged growth phase, such growth serums are also available for the eyelashes and even beards of men.

Applying the brow serum correctly

Applying the brow serum correctlyProstaglandin-based serums are always used in the same manner: Namely once a day, as a course of treatment for more than three months.

We’ve fashioned a small guide for the application process.

  1. Remove your makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face, making sure to dry the area around your brows.
  2. Now place the serum in front of the mirror on a surface where the bottle cannot keel over.
  3. Unscrew the serum and wipe off the applicator on the inside of the bottle to get rid of any excess serum.
  4. Now guide the applicator sideways from your face to your eyebrows to avoid getting the fluid near the eyes, then draw a single line across the eyebrows. The essences are later distributed under the skin.
  5. Repeat the procedure on the other side of your face along your eyebrow.
  6. Let the serum work its magic for 15 to 20 minutes before either heading off to bed or continuing your grooming routine.

Brow serums are used continuously for three months as an intensive treatment. You’ll have to use it afterward to maintain results. Applying it only two or three times a week should do the trick at this point. There are no indicators that such serums cannot be used permanently if you tolerate them, and no side effects occur.

Are there any side effects?

Cosmetic products are just as unique as our skin, hair, and entire organism. Consequently, no manufacturer can completely rule out any side effects. All the companies have their products dermatologically tested well in advance to ensure the highest possible compatibility.

Especially the prostaglandin derivatives are not exempt from side effects. These range from (itchy) irritations to minor swelling to a slight discoloration in which the eyebrows darken. In addition, pain and visual disturbances are possible if the serum enters the eye. Therefore, please be careful to guide the applicator purposefully and do not take too much serum, which could potentially drip into the eye in the end.

At present, there are currently no long-term studies concerning the external use of prostaglandin derivatives in the cosmetic field. This is because such serums haven’t been around for that long. However, there are long-term studies on prostaglandin, and no questionable indicators have shown up on these. These studies are dedicated to the various medical applications of the hormone-like substance outside the beauty industry.

Can men also use such serums?

You want to boost not only your eyebrows (or eyelashes) but those of your partner as well? No problem, because the prostaglandin derivatives are not gender-dependent and can therefore also be used by men.

However, it is recommended to use a specially developed serum on the beard, as the cheeks, chin, and other areas sometimes require a different kind of care along with more serum. The exceptions are small, bald spots, for example at the middle of the upper lip or on the lower lip.

Step by step to perfect eyebrows

Step by step to perfect eyebrowsThere are several ways to beautiful eyebrows - luckily you can combine many of them with a growth serum. Therefore, we would like to briefly show you how perfect brow styling could soon form an integral part of your beauty routine.


You can shape your eyebrows using a template. The stencils ensure that the upper and lower parts of the brow align perfectly while also corresponding to the distance between the nose and the other eyebrow. The use of a growth serum pays off here: You simply have "more" to shape.


The classic: When plucking, individual hairs are pulled out to give the eyebrows more momentum and rid them of pesky outliers.

With the help of tweezers and preferably after showering, you can make your eyebrows look more well-groomed and defined. Just make sure you do not remove too many hairs! The use of serums is also helpful in preventing bald patches that can quickly occur when plucking a few too many brows and shorties.

Dyeing and makeup

You can dye eyebrows to darken them. This usually makes them appear fuller and more defined. But it’s often superfluous when using a serum, as prostaglandin derivatives generally have a slight darkening effect anyway.

It's still a good idea to use makeup on your eyebrows because this ensures a coherent look and can also improve the overall shape. Mascara, but also pomade or gels make this possible. Many of these small aids also have nourishing effects. When using an eyebrow serum during this time, make sure that no interactions occur, or that those individual soothing substances are overdosed.


Proper care will not magically grow your eyebrows, but the fine hairs will look healthier and more attractive. In particular, oils such as coconut or castor are quite popular. Vaseline is also a good alternative, as it provides plenty of moisture and is especially well tolerated.

However, when using an eyebrow serum, any additional care usually is not necessary. As you will have noticed in our test, the formulas of the top growth serums already contain many synthetic and natural soothing substances.

These alternatives could work as brow serum substitutes

Measuring brows for microbladingYou don’t want to use growth serums or you can’t because of pregnancy or intolerance? There are other but often much more expensive alternatives to lengthen the brows artificially.

But it goes without saying: All subsequent alternatives do not treat your existing eyebrows, but try to make them appear fuller and more defined.

Permanent makeup und microblading

Both are very similar, with microblading being considered a further development of PMU.

Here color pigments are tattooed, whereby the eyebrows automatically appear fuller. In addition, this semi-permanent tattoo procedure can also change the brow shape.

Microblading and PMU are both carried out in makeup studios by certified professionals. This is important because the beauty technicians measure exactly where the color pigments should go while paying attention to the highest hygienic standards - this is necessary because work is done under the skin, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

Eyebrow wigs

That’s right, there are even wigs for eyebrows. They areeyebrow wigsand are especially popular in the USA. They come closest to false lashes. The wigs have an adhesive surface on the one side with hairs on the other side. They are simply glued over the existing eyebrows, which then wholly disappear only to be replaced by the new, perfectly styled wig.

Typical home remedies

First of all: None of the home remedies alone will lead to any noticeable changes. But they can be used as supplements or to simply treat your eyebrows to some wellness. Typical home remedies are:

  • Oil care with castor or coconut oil
  • Peelings to remove sebum and dandruff
  • Massages for improved circulation

Just giving up makeup for a while can provide much-needed relief for the brows. In addition, avoiding strong external stimuli such as extreme cold or heat and constant touching can also prove most helpful.

Brow Know-How: Everything you need to know about your brows

Scientific research on the perfect brow shapeKnown as "Supercilium" in Latin, the eyebrow fulfills many essential tasks. For example, it helps us humans express our mood by raising our brows or puckering them. Surprisingly, the meaning varies between different regions of the world, depending on the brow movement.

In addition, eyebrows are an expression of beauty and health. There are even scientific studies on how the perfect eyebrow arch should look in relation to the face:

  • the height from the nose bridge is 0.5 to 1 cm
  • between 4.5 and 5 cm long
  • from the ascending arch, exactly 3 cm long
  • from the descending arch, between 2 and 2.5 cm

While humans have two eyebrows, these add up to 600 hairs. That's almost 200 more than with the eyelashes.

Why can brows fall out?

Among other things, this can be due to a variety of physical ailments affecting the body or skin. The cycle is disrupted so much that not enough new eyebrows can regrow while existing hairs fall out prematurely. Mechanical stressors are a common cause, including extreme weather conditions. A malfunctioning organism could lead to a lack of nourishment and thus also to a loss.

Careful treatment of the fine hairs, a healthy lifestyle, and the early diagnosis of diseases can help prevent the loss of hairs. Even if it comes to a total loss, the eyebrows usually grow back unless the follicle is severely damaged or completely stunted. However, this is rarely the case and should be clarified by a health-care professional immediately. If necessary, the brow loss can then be treated with the help of aesthetic surgery methods.

Eyebrow Growth Serum Glossary

Allergens Certain substances that frequently lead to unwanted reactions, including irritation and allergies
Black Sea Rod Oil Now produced synthetically but originally derived from living coral. It is structurally similar to the hormone-like prostaglandin, but its effect is not scientifically proven
biotinoyl tripeptide-1 Synthetic compound of many essential and semi-essential amino acids, protected by patent
Brow Booster "Booster" is a common name for brow serums because they boost growth
Biotin Water-soluble vitamin that interacts with the metabolism and cell nucleus
Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamid Popular derivative of prostaglandin, approved for use in the cosmetics industry
Glycerin Synthetic substance that stores moisture for a long time and continuously releases it to the skin
Methylamido Dihydro Noralfaprostal Another prostaglandin derivative, which like DDDE is often used in the beauty industry
Prostaglandin The hormone-like substance around which everything involving the eyebrow growth serums revolves. The growth-promoting properties of this substance have been scientifically proven
Prodew The brand name for a series of patented complexes, which exist in different versions and combine several nourishing ingredients in an optimal dosage
Panthenol A popular substance in medicine and cosmetics known for its hydrating and regenerative properties
Parabens Additives that should not be included as they allegedly promote blackheads
Synthetic The term commonly used when an ingredient is developed in the laboratory
Natural/Botanical The opposite of synthetic, by which the extracts are obtained directly from nature

MrsMad’s final thoughts on eyebrow growth serums

Are you unsure about your eyebrows? Maybe the wow factor is missing, or there are patchy areas that are just plain annoying? The top three eyebrow growth serums we introduce on here tackle these issues head-on with scientific support to back them up. The growth-promoting properties are proven, the nourishing ingredients are longstanding favorites in the beauty world. With a top product in your own bathroom or makeup cabinet, you can emulate the likes of Cara Delevingne or simply provide for more highlights without breaking the bank and minus the hassle of gluing on any fake hairs.

If you really want to give the area around your eyes a proper boost and turn back the clock, you can also check out these lash serumsthat will grant you the Disney princess look. Or, find cures for puffy eyes and those pesky bags under the eyesto look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even on the most stressful of days. The tests for both beauty wonders can also be found here at MrsMad!

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