Comparison Test of the 3 Best Products for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes on the Market in 2020 | Look Rested and Refreshed with these Amazing Creams and Serums!

Does the following scenario sound familiar? When you turn up at work in the morning at the office or meet up with your best friend, eyebrows are raised, and everyone is sporting that “another late night?" look. An eventful evening partying till dawn or feeling a tad under the weather, might count as an excuse. But it gets annoying when you've had plenty of rest, yet still, those eye bags and/or dark circles continue to accompany you throughout the day.

At that point, not even the best makeup can hide the fact that you look tired and spent while automatically adding five years to your overall look. But that doesn't have to be the case since there are effective treatments available for puffy eyes and dark circles. The good news is that even if these issues are anything but appealing visually, they are generally harmless from a medical standpoint.

The team from MrsMad would like to present three incredible products that will help take care of those dark circles and irritating bags under the eyes both in the short and long term. As a result, you will soon look rejuvenated again - including after a night out on the town or during stressful times!
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Remedies for dark circles and eye bags – what the market has to offer

During our research, we were able to glean the following insights: First of all, the products live up to the promises the manufacturers make. Second of all, a distinction must be made between so-called "instant relief" and long-term care products. Instant or SOS skincare works within five minutes of use by utilizing various masking, cooling, decongestant, and even coloring effects. Long-acting beauty products will not help you "overnight" - but rejuvenate the skin around the eyes for noticeably great results a few weeks later.

Not surprisingly, most manufacturers combine ingredients in their own products in such a way that they are effective against both baggy eyes and dark circles. This makes total sense, as the area treated is identical. It's also a great advantage because you save money and do not have to buy two different products for one and the same problem area. On top of it, our recommended products are generous in terms of their filling quantities. So, don't be put off by what may at first be perceived as a high cost. Instead, consider the outturn and total duration of the application.

When do products for dark circles and under-eye bags come into play for you?

Whenever you aren’t satisfied with the area around your eyes, it’s because you’re suffering from at least one of these two issues. Our test also revealed that the fast-acting products could be combined perfectly with the long-term ones. Ideal for when you do not want to wait for results or simply need a little extra TLC during stressful times.

By the way, both of these issues are much more common than suspected. Corrections to the eyelids and bags under the eyes are among the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery, also because they are considered to be one of the typical signs of aging . In general, long-term care products double as anti-aging agents as they even out wrinkles and facial lines.

Immediate and long-term care are both covered in our test

Our overall winner is the ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum, one of the long-acting agents. Thanks to an innovative formula, the serum can eliminate dark circles and puffiness in up to 90% cases besides tightening the skin. It’s designed as a long-term course of treatment, to be applied daily for three months. If you lack the time or patience to wait out the initial results, the eye cream from Remescar will do the trick. It works in a completely different way: Its effects kick in immediately after use, but they only last for about eight hours - enough time for you to feel refreshed and look that way!

The 3 best products for puffy eyes and dark circles

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum
    • engineered as a serum with an eye drop applicator
    • excellent long-term results against dark circles and bags under the eyes
    • reduces blemishes, tones and regenerates the skin
    • enriched with Abyssinian oil, elastin, and collagen
    • 15 ml bottle, lasts for circa 3 months of continuous use
    • the overall winner on internationally renowned test portals

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • designed as a cream for massaging
    • long-lasting effects against dark circles and bags under the eyes
    • neutralizes free radicals, plumps up, regenerates and tightens
    • contains vitamins C, B, E, coenzyme Q10, and natural oils
    • 50 g glass jar, lasts for circa 3 months of continuous use
    • a less pricey alternative to the overall winner ORPHICA PURE

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles
    • designed as a cream for massaging
    • instant visible results, effective immediately against dark circles and bags under the eyes, results last for around 8 hours
    • has a masking and cooling effect
    • contains peptides, shea butter, and azo dyes
    • 12.5 g tube, sufficient for as many applications as needed, not designed for multi-month use
    • perfect as a supplement to the overall winner ORPHICA PURE

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum
    • als Serum mit Pipette konzipiert
    • ausgezeichnete langfristige Wirkung gegen Augenringe und Tränensäcke
    • reduziert Makel, strafft und regeneriert die Haut
    • arbeitet unter anderem mit abessinischen Meerkohl, Elastin und Kollagen
    • 15 ml Flakon, reicht in etwa für drei Monate dauerhafter Nutzung
    • Testsieger auf international renommierten Testportalen

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • als Creme zum Einmassieren konzipiert
    • wirkt langfristig gegen Augenringe und Tränensäcke
    • neutralisiert freie Radikale, polstert auf, regeneriert und strafft
    • arbeitet unter anderem mit Vitamin C, B, E, Koenzym Q10 und Ölen
    • 50 g Tube, reicht für etwa drei Monate dauerhafter Nutzung
    • Günstige Alternative zum Testsieger ORPHICA Pure

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles
    • als Creme zum Einmassieren konzipiert
    • Effekt gegen Tränensäcke und Augenringe tritt sofort ein, hält dann für rund 8 Stunden
    • wirkt kühlend und abdeckend
    • arbeitet unter anderem mit Peptiden, Sheabutter und Azofarbstoffen
    • 12,5 g Tube, reicht für viele Anwendungen je nach Bedarf, nicht für mehrmonatige Nutzung konzipiert
    • Perfekt als Ergänzung zum Testsieger ORPHICA Pure

Sérum para el Contorno de los Ojos ORPHICA PURE Advanced
    • diseñado como un sérum con un aplicador gotero
    • excelentes resultados a largo plazo contra los círculos oscuros y las bolsas debajo de los ojos
    • reduce las manchas, tonifica y regenera la piel
    • enriquecido con aceite de abisinia, elastina y colágeno
    • botella de 15 ml, dura aproximadamente 3 meses de uso continuo
    • el ganador absoluto en otros reconocidos portales de pruebas

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • diseñado como una crema para masaje
    • efectos duraderos contra los círculos oscuros y bolsas debajo de los ojos
    • neutraliza los radicales libres; rellena, regenera y reafirma
    • contiene vitaminas C, B y E, coenzima Q10 y aceites naturales
    • tarro de vidrio de 50 g, dura aproximadamente 3 meses de uso continuo
    • una alternativa menos costosa que el ganador absoluto, ORPHICA PURE

Remescar Bolsas y Ojeras
    • diseñado como crema para masaje
    • resultados instantáneos visibles, efectivo inmediatamente contra los círculos oscuros y bolsas debajo de los ojos, resultados que duran por unas 8 horas
    • tiene un efecto de camuflaje y refrescante
    • contiene péptidos, manteca de karité y pigmentos azoicos
    • tubo de 12.5 g, suficiente para tantas aplicaciones según sean necesarias, no está diseñado para un uso por varios meses
    • perfecto como suplemento del ganador absoluto, ORPHICA PURE

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum
    • conçu comme un sérum avec un applicateur compte-gouttes pour les yeux
    • d’excellents résultats à long terme contre les cernes et les poches sous les yeux
    • réduit les imperfections, tonifie et régénère la peau
    • enrichie d’huile d’Abyssinie, d’élastine et de collagène
    • flacon de 15 ml, qui dure environ 3 mois en utilisation continue
    • le grand gagnant sur les sites de test de renommée internationale

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • il s’agit d’une crème à masser
    • effets durables contre les cernes et les poches sous les yeux
    • neutralise les radicaux libres, repulpe, régénère et raffermit
    • contient les vitamines C, B, E, le coenzyme Q10 et des huiles naturelles
    • pot en verre de 50 g, pour une utilisation d’environ 3 mois en continu
    • une alternative moins chère que le grand gagnant ORPHICA PURE

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles
    • il s’agit d’une crème à masser
    • résultats visibles instantanément, efficace immédiatement contre les cernes et les poches sous les yeux, et les résultats durent environ 8 heures
    • a un effet couvrant et refroidissant
    • contient des peptides, du beurre de karité et des colorants azoïques
    • tube de 12,5 g, suffisant pour autant d’applications que nécessaire, mais pas pour une utilisation sur plusieurs mois
    • le complément idéal du grand gagnant ORPHICA PURE

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum
    • sotto forma di siero con applicatore contagocce
    • risultati straordinari a lunga durata su occhiaie e borse
    • attenua inestetismi e discromie, rigenerando la cute
    • arricchito con olio di Abissinia, elastina e collagene
    • flacone da 15 ml, che dura per circa tre mesi di uso continuato
    • il vincitore assoluto su portali di test di fama internazionale

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • sotto forma di crema da massaggiare
    • effetti a lungo termine su borse e occhiaie
    • con funzione anti-radicali liberi, rimpolpante, rigenerante e rassodante
    • contiene vitamine C, B, E, coenzima Q10, e oli naturali
    • il vasetto da 50 g dura per circa 3 mesi di uso continuato
    • un’alternativa meno costosa al vincitore assoluto ORPHICA PURE

Remescar Borse e Occhiaie
    • sotto forma di crema da massaggiare
    • efficacia istantanea contro occhiaie e borse, risultati subito visibili e che durano circa 8 ore
    • a base di peptidi, burro di karité e coloranti azoici
    • disponibile in tubetto da 12.5 g, sufficiente per ripetute applicazioni, non concepito per uso prolungato
    • ideale per essere usato in aggiunta al vincitore assoluto ORPHICA PURE

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum
    • een serum met een pipet applicator
    • geweldige lange termijn resultaten wat betreft donkere kringen en wallen
    • vermindert onzuiverheden, vlekjes en herstelt de huid
    • verrijkt met Abessijnse olie, elastine en collageen
    • 15 ml flacon die genoeg is voor 3 maanden continu gebruik
    • de algemene winnaar bij internationaal bekende testen

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • in crème vorm, bedoeld om in te masseren
    • langdurige effecten tegen donkere kringen en wallen
    • neutraliseert vrije radicalen, verstrakt en vernieuwt de huid
    • bevat vitamine C, B, E, co-enzym Q10 en natuurlijke oliën
    • 50 g glas potje dat genoeg is voor 3 maanden continu gebruik
    • een goedkoper alternatief voor de algemene winnaar ORPHICA PURE

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles
    • in crème vorm, bedoeld om in te masseren
    • direct zichtbare resultaten, meteen effectief tegen donkere kringen en wallen, resultaten houden ongeveer 8 uur aan
    • heeft een maskerend en koelend effect
    • bevat peptides, shea boter en azopigmenten
    • tube van 12.5 g die genoeg is voor een aantal applicaties, niet bedoeld voor maanden gebruik
    • perfect om te gebruiken als ondersteuning voor de algemene winnaar ORPHICA PURE

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum
    • engineered as a serum with an eye drop applicator
    • excellent long-term results against dark circles and bags under the eyes
    • reduces blemishes, tones and regenerates the skin
    • enriched with Abyssinian oil, elastin, and collagen
    • 15 ml bottle, lasts for circa 3 months of continuous use
    • the overall winner on internationally renowned test portals

Alga DermoLift Elixir
    • designed as a cream for massaging
    • long-lasting effects against dark circles and bags under the eyes
    • neutralizes free radicals, plumps up, regenerates and tightens
    • contains vitamins C, B, E, coenzyme Q10, and natural oils
    • 50 g glass jar, lasts for circa 3 months of continuous use
    • a less pricey alternative to the overall winner ORPHICA PURE

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles
    • designed as a cream for massaging
    • instant visible results, effective immediately against dark circles and bags under the eyes, results last for around 8 hours
    • has a masking and cooling effect
    • contains peptides, shea butter, and azo dyes
    • 12.5 g tube, sufficient for many applications as needed, not designed for multi-month use
    • perfect as a supplement to the overall winner ORPHICA PURE

MrsMad’s criteria for testing eye care products

For the best possible result in terms of what constitutes the most effective remedy on the market for dark circles and puffy eyes, many products were tested the same way. The top three are presented in our review. These products were also tested according to the following criteria:

  • effectiveness regarding the genetic make-up (short or long term)
  • objective assessment of the ingredients
  • simplicity of application
  • tolerance
  • the best value for money
  • customer feedback and information about the manufacturer/brand

The evaluation is reflected in the test report, the conclusion, and the score table before each review as well as in the pros and cons chart.

Our Recommendation: ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum

Our overall winner uses the specially formulated Deep-Care Complex, which helps against dark circles and eye bags. Vitamins, plant and fruit extracts, collagen, and elastin are the main reasons why great results are achieved so quickly. Needless to say, the product was tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically.

ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum

Test Summary

Effectiveness and Ingredients


99 %



98 %



100 %

Customer Response & Value for Money


99 %

MrsMad Overall Rating


99 %

Which ingredients are used?

Specially selected ingredients are combined in the Deep-Care Complex. They aim to remove excess fluid, regenerate the skin, tighten it, and promote blood circulation. All of which is necessary to combat dark circles and puffiness effectively.

The following ingredients deserve an honorable mention:

  • Vitamin A prevents cornification of the upper skin layer
  • Vitamin B3 tightens and tones the skin
  • Elastin acts as a moisturizer and adds elasticity
  • Collagen strengthens, regenerates and helps the skin to regain its elasticity
  • Various flower and fruit extracts bind free radicals for a lifting effect
  • Abyssinian oil nourishes the skin

Harmful components, such as PEGs, parabens, sulfates, and other similar substances, are not used in the formula.

For whom is the PURE serum suitable and what results can be expected?

The manufacturer has achieved first-class results during in-house research studies and therefore recommends using the serum to:

  • reduce bags and puffiness
  • brighten up dark circles
  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Continuously, over two-thirds of the test subjects were more than satisfied with the results, and in some cases, those values even exceeded 80%.

But you have to wait about three weeks for the first results because the skin is actively "reshaped" during the process and has to adapt to the changes. After this time, you should already notice impressive results.

How should the ORPHICA PURE Serum be used?

We found the application easy-peasy. After thoroughly cleansing and drying your skin, apply a few drops of the serum below your eyes at bedtime. The manufacturer recommends two drops per side, so four drops per treatment. At first, it might be a bit difficult to aim the eyedropper accurately. Just place a few drops of the serum on the finger instead.

Did side effects occur?

We did not observe any side effects in our case. But if you have any known allergies or sensitivities, please check the complete list of ingredients carefully beforehand to exclude them. Also, make sure that none of the serum gets into the eye, as this could lead to severe irritation.

The value for money and customer feedback

Both can be deemed excellent. Since the treatment is designed for three months, the actual weekly or daily financial expense is quite low. Buyers are just impressed as the trade magazines, which is why the ORPHICA PURE eye serum regularly occupies the top spot.

Our conclusion

In our review at MrsMad, we were delighted with the ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum - not least because of its excellent results, in conjunction with a fair price and an equally innovative selection of ingredients. We can only recommend this test-winning serum if you wish to combat dark circles and puffy eyes in the long run.


  • extremely effective against tired eyes and their symptoms
  • from a well-known high-end brand
  • a fair price for a long-term course of treatment
  • first improvements observed after only three weeks
  • highly-dosed ingredients based on scientific findings
  • contains no harmful substances such as parabens, etc.


  • the serum is not vegan

Alga DermoLift Elixir

The vegan Alga DermoLift Elixir cream uses the innovative coenzyme Q10, which has recently achieved a resounding success in the beauty world. This active ingredient is supplemented by vitamins, including C and E, which intensively nourish the skin and banish dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Alga DermoLift Elixir

Test Summary

Effectiveness and Ingredients


95 %



90 %



95 %

Customer Response & Value for Money


99 %

MrsMad Overall Rating


95 %

How do the ingredients interact together?

Coenzyme Q10 is the key element of the DermoLift Elixir cream. This substance is considered the ultimate anti-aging ingredient as it achieves top results in the battle versus eye bags by tightening the skin in general. The coenzyme also fights free radicals and strengthens all skin layers equally. In addition to the cosmetics industry, the effect of Q10 is explored in many other medical fields. No serious side effects have been detected.

Other oils are added to the mix, including thistle and soybean oil. These oils contain linoleic acid, which also has a positive effect on people with unclear, stressed skin. The enzyme tyrosinase stimulates melanin production, lightening up unwanted dark spots.

Our findings regarding the application and the results

Unlike our overall winner, this cream should be applied twice per day - once in the morning and once in the evening. This obviously requires some extra effort. On the other hand, massaging a little cream under the eyes is not such a big deal. Due to the double dose, your skin is always moisturized. Allow the cream to be absorbed for about ten minutes before revisiting the eye area. Otherwise, valuable essences could accidentally be removed or rubbed off.

We were more than satisfied with the results of our test. The manufacturer conducted independent studies in which 73% of women found their skin to be revitalized, 80% reported a reduction in wrinkles, and 87% registered success against eye bags. We can confirm these excellent results. In our case, we were especially impressed with the effectiveness of the elixir in banishing eye bags.

Of course, the effects will not materialize overnight. A little patience is required to the tune of a few weeks for the ingredients to build up and work their magic.

For whom is the Alga Elixir suitable?

Great results are achieved, especially when it comes to under-eye bags. The multitude of vitamins and valuable acids are also helpful in the fight against dark circles because the potent cocktail promotes blood circulation and strengthens the layers of the skin. As a result, the shadowy areas do not shimmer through as much.

Once again, make sure that you are not allergic or have any sensitivity to the ingredients before buying this product. In our own test, no side effects were observed. On the contrary, the Alga Elixir left us with a pleasant and soothing sensation.

Positive feedback for the Alga DermoLift Elixir

This cream is probably more of an insider tip because neither the brand nor the cream itself comes close to the fame of our test winner. But this also has the advantage that it performs very well in terms of the quality/price ratio - especially with the option of a steep discount when buying more than one jar. We would therefore definitely advise you to choose such a set, due to the great savings plan and the fact that you are fully stocked for several months.

Buyers dig the elixir, which comes as no surprise. The official surveys of the manufacturer and the numerous testimonials attest to the overall positive response.

Our conclusion

Our second place winner is a real insider tip, proven to be highly effective in the fight against dark circles and under-eye bags on the one hand but also used for general anti-aging treatment and eradicating wrinkles on the other hand. The innovative mix formulated around the coenzyme Q10 relies on positive effects that are triggered by various oils and vitamins. A slight shortcoming is the twice-daily application, hence a tad more time-consuming than our test winner.


  • helps against all typical aging signs of the skin
  • utilizes the innovative coenzyme Q10
  • the manufacturer offers practical convenience packaging at a steep discount
  • specifically targets eye bags with excellent results
  • completely vegan
  • can be used for daily skincare even after the disappearance of dark circles and under-eye bags


  • the twice-daily application takes up more time, also because the area needs to be thoroughly cleansed and prepared both times

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles

What sets the Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles cream apart from the first and second place winners in our test is that it’s not intended for continuous use. Instead, it works within minutes of application. Perfect for instant relief and immediate results!

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Test Summary

Effectiveness and Ingredients


96 %



80 %



100 %

Customer Response & Value for Money


97 %

MrsMad Overall Rating


93 %

For whom is the Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles cream suitable?

It’s ideal for anyone seeking instant relief from dark circles and puffiness. While the other products work long-term by strengthening and re-sculpting the skin, the effects of the Remescar cream are immediate. In return, the dramatic results "only" last eight to ten hours before this “Cinderella” cream turns back into a pumpkin.

You can (and should) always combine this SOS product with a moisturizer. Nothing speaks against utilizing the Remescar cream for more immediate results while using the ORPHICA PURE serum for long-term care.

Which combination of ingredients is activated?

The formula of Remescar is pretty straightforward as it forgoes the long-acting ingredients due to its single-handed goal. Various amino acids combined with clay minerals do make it into the cut. This specific cocktail puts a stop to water retention by transporting excess water out of the skin and thus deflating the bags under the eyes.

The peptide complex consisting of acetyl octapeptide-3 and acetyl tetrapeptide-5 provides the skin with moisture while storing it. In addition, the two azo dyes CI 16035 and CI 19140 are utilized. They are so potent because they have a masking effect on the one hand plus mix so well with the actual skin tone on the other hand. As a result, dark circles disappear in no time at all.

Little application pitfalls

The Remescar cream is by far the most complicated option in our test when it comes to the application, as it requires an exact dosage and procedure to achieve the best results. Therefore, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer to a tee.

The cream is applied as follows:

  1. Cleanse the skin, pat dry and apply an oil-free moisturizer
  2. Squeeze a small amount of cream the size of a grain of rice onto your fingertip and rub it between your 2 index fingers until it turns colorless while making sure it still is moist
  3. Gently apply the cream to the entire area under the eyes and remain expressionless for 2-3 minutes for optimal results until it dries

If you've misapplied it, you'll notice it soon enough. With too little cream, it cannot be distributed evenly as the cream is no longer moist enough after rubbing it between the index fingers. If the amount is too much or you forgot to moisturize, white residue will appear under the eyes. Then you have to dab the residue off with a tissue and some water, only to repeat the entire process again.

How did we find the results?

Top-notch! Once you get the hang of the right amount, this SOS product will work wonders, making your eye bags and dark circles vanish for a good eight to ten hours. However, there is no long-term effect. Hence, we recommend supplementing this miracle worker with a product such as ORPHICA PURE, to ensure proper care in the long run.

Our conclusion

A great help when it matters most. The Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles cream works instantly and reliably, although the application itself requires a bit of practice initially. Long-term care is not the goal here, but in terms of instant relief, we were 100% satisfied with the results and therefore awarded our third place to Remescar - a trusted, well-known pharmaceutical company.


  • instant visible results
  • highly effective against dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • manufactured by a well-known pharmaceutical company from Belgium
  • the long duration of effect - about eight to ten hours
  • great for supplementing long-term care
  • top quality/price ratio


  • the application is a bit tricky at first, as an exact amount is required for optimal results
  • this cream does not claim to serve as long-term care, so improvements are never permanent

Wrapping up the best products for dark circles, eye bags and a tired look

As you can tell, the market for products against tired eyes is unique: It consists of both long-term and short-term products, none of which makes any empty promises either way. That's why it’s so important to think about what you're really looking for before purchasing a product. Is your goal to intensively maintain your eye area in the long run, thus gradually achieving improvements that may result in your needing fewer or hardly any eye care products down the road? Or do you want immediate improvements because you only suffer from sporadic bags and dark circles?

The ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum and the Alga DermoLift Elixir occupy our test’s top two spots. Besides the distinction between a highly dosed, liquid serum, and a rich cream, the ingredients also differ significantly: PURE is not vegan while the Elixir is entirely vegan. If this aspect is a crucial factor, you can take this into account when making your purchase.

On the other hand, our third spot is not engineered for lasting results. Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles aims for dramatic results right after the application. It works brilliantly, but you have to combine this SOS product with at least a moisturizer and ideally, some long-term eye care. A combination of these products, especially by using the Remescar cream in the morning and the ORPHICA PURE serum in the evening, is conceivable and ensures optimal results.

To avoid disappointment: How to find the best products for puffy eyes and dark circles

Finding the best products for dark circles and under the eye bagsThe deciding factor from the outset is the question of whether you want immediate results or long-term improvements. None of the products do both because the long-acting serums and creams do not lead to an improvement immediately after use or overnight.

So you have to exercise some patience. But you can use both an immediate relief product and a long-term one at the same time.

When choosing the "right" product, ask yourself a set of questions that will help serve as criteria for your decision-making:

  • Does the product have to be vegan?
  • Do I prefer a high-dose liquid serum or a cream?
  • Am I okay with using a product twice daily?
  • Are there certain ingredients that are vital to me and other ones that I would like to avoid?
  • Do the anticipated results and their earliest possible onset coincide with my expectations?
  • How important to me are customer feedback, the quality/price ratio, and the size/reputation of the brand?

Where can you buy such a product?

We recommend following our links to the dealers. Besides getting a great deal, you also benefit from the reputability of the dealer by ordering either from a major mail order company such as Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. Individual products may be available at the pharmacy of your choice, but the selection is usually limited.

What factors are especially important when it comes to high-quality products?

High-quality skincare products are always free from harmful substances, such as parabens, PEGs, or sulfates. This lack of toxins increases the bioavailability, so the products can be absorbed better. It also reduces the risk of sensitivity or adverse reaction. Last but not least parabens are suspected of promoting impurities and blackheads, which is why it’s only logical that top manufacturers eschew such components.

Besides, the products should be effective in the given time frame and garner good results after completion of the treatment. It ultimately boils down to the effectiveness in the battle against dark circles and cohorts as the clincher for your purchase. The beauty industry's top manufacturers also have their own products tested both dermatologically and ophthalmologically, provide a complete declaration of the ingredients, and perform their own efficacy tests prior to product launching.

What are the best products for immediate or long-term results?

The ORPHICA PURE Advanced Eye Renewal Serum impressed us particularly, which is why it was crowned the overall winner of our test. The highly dosed ingredients are effective in treating the various symptoms of tired eyes, and the tolerability was excellent in our test.

If you are on the lookout for instant relief, this serum is not the right choice. In that case, resorting to Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is the best option. This cream effectively deflates eye bags and covers up dark circles within just five minutes of application. However, long-term improvement of your skin condition around the eye area will not occur. If your goal is twofold, simply use both products at different times of the day.

Such a combination makes perfect sense. While the SOS product provides you with instant relief, the other one improves overall skin condition in the long run. This reduces the likelihood that eye bags and/or dark circles will reappear, especially in the intermediate and long term.

Tried and tested: Do products really work against under-eye bags?

The products work without fail. Why dark circles or eye bags develop is no longer a secret to resourceful scientists and doctors. At the same time, these findings laid the foundation for the development of the appropriate countermeasures. Once the reasons were obvious, developing effective products became the logical next step.

Do products for under-eye bags really work - comparison image

For example, dark circles are increasingly due to thin skin layers, which is why people with light skin and blond hair are mainly affected. On the other hand, eye bags are a combination of slack tissue and lost fluid secreted by permeable capillary walls. Both together lead to the eponymous "bags" that hang down limply. Older people are increasingly susceptible to both blemishes, as the skin loses its natural resilience together with some of its regenerative power, and the body’s defenses are reduced.

From these findings, the intended modes of action result. The products thus strengthen the skin layers and promote elasticity, leading to more resilience and lower permeability. As a result, fewer fluids are lost while the products slowly remove the already existing ones.

How much patience is necessary until the first visible results are attained?

Plan at least three weeks, corresponding to almost a full cycle of the skin. Generally speaking, such skincare products can be utilized both on an ongoing basis and as a limited course of treatment. We recommend using up the product within three months before coming to your own conclusion. In terms of the expected duration and the results, dark circles and eye bags do not really differ. However, it’s possible that the eye bags will grab your attention first, as the fluid breaks down faster than the skin is plumped up.

Are further positive effects to be expected?

Absolutely! Many of the creams and serums double as comprehensive eye care. In addition to banishing dark circles and puffiness, the products have numerous other positive side effects such as:

  • less deep and noticeable wrinkles and facial lines
  • a more pleasant skin sensation
  • a smoother complexion, through better blood circulation
  • a sufficient supply of moisture

These creams and serums are not created to fight any impurities. Usually, the area of the skin immediately under the eyes is not prone to blackheads, pimples, and the lot. Reliable all-inclusive care of your skin can be expected, with the anti-aging effects front and center. Especially in this area, much progress has been made in recent years.

Why do immediate aids work right off the bat, but long-term care products do not?

This is due to the different active ingredients. For example, the instant relief products use clay minerals, which remove excess moisture from the eye bags. In addition, there are specific dyes that have a masking effect on dark circles. What both have in common is that they only work as long as they are “fresh” on the skin. As soon as the active ingredients have been processed, the effect is lost again. Accordingly, no lasting impact is feasible.

Comparison images Immediate aid for eye bags and dark circles

The long-term eye care products act differently because they use a variety of ingredients that only work over a more extended period. They do not mask or cover up, but actually, promote a change in the skin texture. These ingredients include elastin (which has been researched since the 1960s), collagen, Q10 or various herbal substances. They stimulate the blood circulation, give the skin resilience, strengthen the individual skin layers with their nourishing effects, and re-sculpt the layers step by step.

In order not to unnecessarily pad formulas only to possibly cause unwanted interactions between ingredients, the immediate and long-term acting substances are deployed separately. Thus the manufacturer also ensures that the price remains reasonable. If you want to experience both results, you can alternate between two different products.

The right application allows for optimal results

Proper use of the remedies for dark circles and eye bagsFirst and foremost, please be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using the serum or cream. The manufacturer knows exactly how the product is used optimally as it has been developed and duly tested beforehand. Some basic rules should be followed:

  • only apply after removing makeup and thoroughly cleansing the face
  • never increase the dosage on your own
  • make sure that nothing gets in the eyes
  • give it at least 10 to 15 minutes to work

Usually, most of these eye care products are applied once a day. But as the second place cream shows, twice-daily usage is also possible. Except for the instant relief products, these serums and creams are conceived for permanent use or as a limited course of treatment. We do recommend using them for at least three months at a time for the best results.

What side effects could occur?

With a correct application and no pre-existing allergies or sensitivities, the risk of any side effects is extremely low. The products do not work with "aggressive" ingredients or hormone-like substances, resulting in a positive impact on tolerance levels. Side effects due to intolerances are individual. If you observe a reaction or are already aware of sensitivity to a particular substance, you have no choice but to avoid that specific product.

Otherwise, some small and fleeting side effects are possible such as:

  • slight redness and irritation until the skin gets used to the new care regimen
  • burning and watery eyes if the substances get too close or in the eyes
  • with the instant relief products, white discoloration if dosed too highly

Do long-term scientific studies exist?

Most of the beauty products are based on new insights, which is why there are no long-term studies available. However, certain individual substances have already been researched for some time. Take the popular coenzyme Q10, for example, which has been studiedsince the 1980s. The traditional moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and so on, have also been thoroughly tested.

Collagen plays a significant role in anti-aging agents and forms part of the potent formula used by our test winner ORPHICA PURE. It has also proven its worth over an extensive period, as numerous studies with a high number of test persons in the double-digits support. An overview of this can be found here, among other things. In general, the recommended eye care products pose no known risks, as the active ingredients and extracts are well established as longstanding favorites of the beauty and cosmetics industry.

How long should such products be used?

Remescar, the manufacturer responsible for the instant relief product advises explicitly against using their cream for more than four weeks at a time. When using the Remescar cream for several weeks, take a break after the fourth week at the latest.

Of course, such restrictions do not exist with the long-term serums and creams as they’re designed to be taken as long as necessary. If not explicitly stated otherwise by the manufacturer on the product, they can be used over several months. At the very least, they should be used daily for a minimum of three months. Breaks are usually not mandatory. In case of doubt, always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Are the featured products suitable for men?

If your partner also suffers from tired eyes, annoying shadows, and bags, all is not lost. In fact, the products do not differentiate between the sexes. As a result, men can use both immediate relief and long-term care products. It's best to have your guy check out our list of the best before using your products. Maybe he'll find a product that suits him and his needs.

Step by step: How to banish tired eyes, dark circles, and bags under the eyes

Step by step How to make tired eyes, shadows and bags disappearRest assured, you are already well equipped to deal with these issues thanks to the eye care products presented here.

But there are also a few other options, many of which can easily be combined with high-quality eye care products.

We have compiled an overview for you!

Concealers are a secret weapon

You cannot go wrong with a concealer! It can be used to complement the eye care products, especially if applied in the morning, followed by the specific eye care products in the evening.

Just make sure that the concealer really matches your skin tone exactly. Otherwise, the bags and dark circles will only become more prominent.

When shopping for a concealer, check that it does not have an illuminating effect. The problem is that this highlights the eye bags and thus achieves the opposite of what you actually want.

The concealer should always be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin. It's vital that you blend it seamlessly so that no hard transition is visible between the eye area and the rest of the face. It’s best if you pat the concealer instead of smudging it. That way, it stays put and is distributed better. Your eye bags should now be pretty much invisible. Since the bags are swellings that stand out like a relief, they will never really disappear completely. The Remescar rescue cream achieves far better results because it reduces water retention.

Creams/foundations are always a safe bet - especially in combination with color correctors!

Both may form part of your makeup routine anyway. In the case of puffy eyes, neither will achieve any significant results, as they will not make the bags disappear. But they are quite effective when it comes to dark circles if applied generously around the area.

An overview of where which colors of the color correctors are used most often

An overview of where which colors of the color correctors are used most often

Primers and color correctors complement the foundation. The color correctors use well-known findings from the color theory to achieve a predetermined effect on the skin with specific colors.

As already mentioned, neither the foundation nor primers and color correctors are effective in getting rid of bags under the eyes. However, the results are excellent when it comes to dark circles. Pay close attention to the right choice of color, especially with the color correctors. That’s why we have prepared an overview for you:

  • violet is a solid option against a pallid complexion
  • peach is a good choice against blue rings and veins
  • yellow makes purple shadows around the eyes disappear
  • pink works well if the dark circles are dark to brownish
  • green is suitable for reddish discolorations and impurities

When will makeup and cohorts no longer help?

The answer is relatively simple: If you have actually done everything right, but the dark circles or eye bags still stand out. In such a case, more makeup will not procure better results. It's best to look for professional help to alter the current state. The three products from our test come into play here.

Alternatively, cooling the area can help while you are waiting for the products to arrive at your doorstep. When applied first thing in the morning, the cold will quickly help deflate the bags. The circulation can thus also be stimulated once you stop cooling, which allows the shadows around the eyes to fade away. But all of these options are not really effective means to treat serious bags or dark circles. Making a move "to go pro" is clearly the better decision.

Versus under-eye bags and dark circles - from aesthetic surgery to traditional home remedies

Cucumbers and other home remedies against puffy eyesSurely you have already stumbled across some home remedies via the internet or acquaintances that promise top results or were recommended to you by friends based on their experience. However, the reality is that home remedies can make small improvements, but they are not magic cures. Nevertheless, it makes sense to integrate them holistically into your strategy for fighting tired eyes.

We have selected some of the best known and proven home remedies and recommendations for you:

  • anything with a cooling effect – such as a cucumber mask, cold compresses or chilled tea bags
  • massaging the skin to alleviate water retention and improve blood circulation
  • make sure to stay hydrated to keep your body fit and drink plenty of water for a healthy complexion that glows
  • better to completely renounce widespread toxins such as alcohol, nicotine and so on
  • lower your salt intake
  • relax more often, get a good night's sleep on the right mattress

The teas best known to boost circulation while having a calming effect are mainly green and black teas.When cooling with ice, place a thin cloth between your eye area and the cooling agent. Otherwise, the upper layers of the skin could be damaged.

What can aesthetic surgery accomplish?

Corrective eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic procedures. In particular, droopy eyelids and eye bags top the charts. Anyone who has not been successful with other aids and products sometimes views the visit to the plastic/aesthetic surgeon as a last resort.

The removal of eye bags is considered a routine procedure but requires an experienced surgeon. Due to the small area, the highest precision is required to avoid damaging surrounding nerves or muscles. As with any other surgical procedure, it tends to involve a fair amount of risk and potential complications. Such an intervention takes about 45 minutes. Anyone who wants to have droopy eyes fixed at the same time can expect a total of 90 minutes.

Normally these procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, so the patient can leave the medical facility on the same day. Since fixing droopy eyelids and under-eye bags is not medically necessary and only constitutes a visual blemish, your health insurance will not reimburse the costs. If you opt for this surgery, you will have to bear the typical four-digit cost yourself. However, the prices can vary significantly depending on the country and doctor. Keep in mind that there’s hardly a reliable procedure for dark circles, as these are due to poor circulation and thin layers of the skin.

Good to know: What are eye bags and dark circles?

What exactly are dark circles and under-eye-bagsEye bags and dark circles are equally harmless. But they could be a symptom of a disease or a weakened organism. Likewise, they are an indication of sleep deprivation or lack of restful sleep in most cases. While dark circles serve no ulterior purpose, the bags under the eyes are meant to ensure the drainage of fluids.

The muscles musculus orbicularis oculi are responsible for this, working similarly to a pump. The fact that eye bags serve a purpose but dark circles do not is a significant difference.

What causes play a role in tired eyes?

A variety of reasons, including:

  • stress
  • too little or no restful sleep
  • many different diseases
  • insufficient water absorption
  • excessive UV radiation
  • lack of various vitamins, nutrients or minerals

Since the causes of dark circles and puffy eyes overlap, they often coincide. Nevertheless, most people are more prone to dark circles, especially light skin types. When it comes to baggy eyes, the water throughput of the capillary walls also plays a major role. If the capillary walls are still resilient enough, not even a lack of sleep will cause puffy eyes.

If you want to prevent shadows and dark circles, you have two options: Provide proper care via one of our top three products, for example. Or: Make sure that the causes mentioned above are prevented as well as possible. A combination of both is ideal.

Dark Circles and Eye Bags Glossary

1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Has an exfoliating effect on dander and dead cells, therefore often used in peels
Dark Circles Dark shadows under the eyes in different shades. Materialize because the skin is weakened and too thin
Azo Dyes Synthetically produced dyes which are used in products and have a masking effect
Blood Vessels Transport blood and are therefore necessary for circulation
Cream Creamy consistency, thus usually rubbed in or patted on and has a lower concentration of active ingredients
Concealer Popular makeup product, specifically used for covering up problem areas
color correctors Makeup product in a specific color tone that interacts with the skin using the color theory
Elastin A crucial protein that forms the basis of elastic tissue
Cucumber Known for the cucumber mask, has a cooling effect and nourishes the skin, popular eye care application
Coenzyme Q10 Quinone derivative, similar in structure to vitamin K and E, has many beneficial cosmetic and medicinal effects
Collagen Essential protein and building block for the entire body, which strengthens skin layers and keeps the layers rejuvenated while preserving their elasticity
Parabens Preservatives, suspected of fostering impurities and believed to disrupt endocrine function
Peptides Chemical compounds between two or more amino acids
Serum A high-dose liquid with many valuable ingredients
Eye Bags The skin below the eyes supposed to dissipate fluid
Vitamin C Well-known vitamin with regenerative powers, taken externally and known to increase bodily defenses

Our conclusion: Nobody has to live permanently with tired eyes!

Bags under the eyes and dark circles are a clear indication of sleep deprivation, lack of restful sleep or that your body is in a weakened state. Besides, both issues are typical aging signs of the skin. Therefore, the probability of suffering from both or one of them increases, as you get older. But you do not have to, because the world of beauty products offers up potent solutions - the effects of which either occur immediately or are built up over time.

Products such as our test winner ORPHICA PURE strengthen the skin and can thus completely or partially eradicate the signs of the times. SOS care like Remescar uses clever tricks to break down puffiness and cover up shadowy areas, but it only lasts about eight hours. On the other hand, nobody has to (and should) resort to a scalpel in a rush. MrsMad recommends trying one of the beauty products from our test. Before you know it, your eyes will soon be radiant again!

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