The Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer Real-Time Test 2021 (Including Before & After Pictures)

The eyes of a woman: A secret weapon she knows how to use to her advantage for centuries, maybe even millennia. Eyes can seduce, they can be sexy and express happiness. The eyelashes, whose shape, color, and length provide contrast to the color of the eyes and skin, play a crucial role.

Many cosmetic products are subject to a trend and often disappear after a few years, sometimes even within a couple of months.

It’s quite a different story when it comes to the products for voluminous lashes: They are perennial favorites, transforming lackluster eyes into the focal point of the female face.

The Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer has made a name for itself worldwide (link to the original product) and continues to be in high demand. It supposedly extends and beautifies the natural lashes within a few weeks while increasing their density. Brittle, short and stubby eyelashes are transformed into luscious, long and voluminous lashes.

ORPHICA Realash Eyelash Enhancer Test by MrsMadDoes the Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer really work?

The testimonials of the product users and the promises of the manufacturer both sound too good to be true. This begs the question of whether the Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer really works.

Every single day women are bombarded by the cosmetics industry with inflated advertising promises. That's why some healthy skepticism about such assurances is a good thing.

In the meantime, it's always a smart move to gather more information before buying something and reading in-depth reviews that reveal the specific characteristics of a product.

Effectiveness proven by (reputable) studies: Research has shown that the active ingredient used in the eyelash growth serum Orphica Realash was discovered in a similar form a few years ago by accident. At that time, ophthalmologists treated patients with a similar drug that resulted in extremely long and thick lashes as a “side effect.” The numerous studies can be looked up here. The manufacturer Orphica used this finding to its advantage and turned this active ingredient into a well-tolerated substance for its Realash Eyelash Enhancer.

Hence, the results from a purely scientific standpoint: The Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer really works and makes the lashes grow significantly within a few weeks while increasing suppleness and strength.

Orphica Realash works in theory: But what about in practice? Our real-time test!

The scientific findings and functionality don't amount to much in theory if the results are not tangible in real life. That's why MrsMad Magazine decided to test the Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer and share the results via some traditional before and after pictures.

Julia, the author of our magazine and other well-known online magazines, ordered Orphica Realash and tried it out at home for 28 days.

How does the application of Orphica Realash work?

As easy as pie: After removing your makeup in the evening and carefully drying the area around the eyes, the growth serum is deposited onto the upper eyelid using the attached applicator brush. However, be careful not to apply the serum directly onto the eyelashes, but a few millimeters above the lash line. This allows the substance to penetrate the roots of the lashes, thus unfolding the full effect. This process should be repeated every evening until the desired result is achieved. After that, one application 2 to 3 times per week suffices for maintenance.

What are the results of the test?

Orphica Realash Ergebnis Tag 1
On this comparison image, you can see how Julia's eyelashes looked the day before the first application started. They were quite short, sparse, and not that expressive.
Orphica Realash Ergebnis Tag 14
The second image taken after just 14 days already shows significant differences. The existing lashes have grown quite a bit, some new lashes have started to grow, and the tips have become much finer. This automatically creates a more defined shape and leads to a much more appealing appearance after only 14 days.
Orphica Realash Ergebnis Tag 28
The third image was taken at the end of the test after the full 28 days. A more intense color, a dramatic increase in volume, and an expressive shape actually create the aforementioned facial focal point. The Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer has led to sheer lash luxuriance for Julia, confirming the scientific findings: The eyelash growth serum Orphica Realash really works – and how!

Julia did not experience any side effects. In this case, the manufacturer lives up to its adverts. Thanks to this test, it’s easy to get why the number of users continues to increase exponentially.

What are the reactions of other users to Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer?

Countless reports about the effectiveness of Orphica Realash abound. It’s no exaggeration to say that a large number of users swear by this lash growth serum.

Orphica Realash reactions on Instagram

If you check out the pictures for the #Realash hashtag, you will be flooded with positive feedback. Countless women have posted their results on Instagram, and we have compiled a small selection here:

Blogger reactions to Orphica Realash

It should come as no surprise that even bloggers have gotten wind of the lash serum results. The web is packed with testimonials from bloggers who have tested the Orphica Realash Eyelash Enhancer. We at MrsMad have yet to encounter a single negative report about this eyelash growth serum.

To sum it up: Without exception, the users of Orphica Realash are thrilled!

Orphica Realash reactions on Facebook

The eyelash growth serum has been advertised on Facebook for some time now, receiving accolades from the users. Even when numerous inexperienced women express their skepticism, the opinion of the “initiated” is unanimously positive.

Where best to buy Orphica Realash?

Once a product becomes increasingly popular and garners excellent results, it automatically attracts imitators who flood the market with counterfeit products. That's why you should be careful to always order Orphica Realash directly from the manufacturer. Only then can you be 100% sure that you will receive a genuine product. If you are interested in the eyelash growth serum Orphica Realash, you can order it here directly from the manufacturer.

MrsMad’s final thoughts on Orphica Realash

Research into the workings of the lash serum helps to eliminate skepticism and gain an edge over all those women who still don't believe in its effectiveness and continue to live with short and brittle lashes. Happily, we can offer some insights with this article and show that the eyelash growth serum really does work and that you should not miss out on your own test!

If there’s still some doubt left over after all the scientific studies and the positive reports as well as our in-house test, always remember: Orphica offers a 90-day money-back guarantee! Reason enough to test this product. We are convinced that the results will blow you away!

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